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Remove your community’s hazardous waste.

What do householders in your community do with hazardous waste? MyHazWaste has been developed by us to offer your community an affordable and efficient way to run hazardous household waste collection events. MyHazWaste runs one-off or regular events in association with local councils or organisations across New Zealand.

Hazardous household waste collection events give the people of your community an opportunity to hand over hazardous waste that they may not know how to dispose of. They also provide an important education opportunity, allowing you to share existing and new ways of dealing with hazardous household waste.

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Keep your community safe

When hazardous waste is hard to dispose of; old and unwanted chemicals can end up left on the shelf, thrown in the rubbish or poured down the drain. These chemicals can be a hazard for children, family members, pets and the environment.

MyHazWaste events give the people of your community the opportunity to recognise and hand over their hazardous household waste. Hazardous waste collection events also provide an important forum where residents can be educated about existing recycling or disposal solutions.

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Manage your budget

It’s easier to manage the costs and logistics of hazardous waste collection with our tried and tested MyHazWaste event format.

When you sign up for a MyHazWaste event in your community; we set up the event on our MyHazWaste website so your community can make bookings to dispose of their waste. Our booking system is easy to use and ensures the people in your community let us know what they’re planning on bringing to the event.

The MyHazWaste booking system is an important tool to track bookings made and reduce the risk of residents turning up with chemicals that may create unexpected safety risks. If necessary we can also limit the volumes of bookings to fit your budget.

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Create operational efficiencies

There’s no need to invest time and resources in designing and creating your own hazardous waste collection event. Getting rid of hazardous waste is what we do every day. Experience has taught us the most effective and safest way to do it in your community. That’s MyHazWaste.

MyHazWaste makes it easier, and more cost-effective, to reduce the hazardous waste in your community. With a tried and tested model you benefit from an event format that works. Because we include the event model, booking, and collection and disposal service in MyHazWaste; there’s no need to upskill your team or invest in booking systems to bring your event to life.

Whether you’re new to hazardous waste management or you already have experience: it always helps to add our expert resource to your team.

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MyHazWaste events are designed to protect and educate the people in your community while collecting and disposing of hazardous waste safely.

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