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Circular Economy

Join the circular economy, reduce your environmental footprint.

The circular economy is a way of rethinking the lifecycle of our products so that they can become regenerative instead of being discarded when they’re no longer useful. Creating circular solutions can benefit not just our environment, but your business too.

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What is the circular economy?

Put simply, instead of taking the earth’s resources and turning them into products that are discarded at the end of their life, the circular economy seeks to replicate the biological cycle where organic matter is endlessly recycled.

The circular economy addresses the environmental impacts of a product’s whole lifecycle and takes into account the waste hierarchy.

Raw resources are becoming scarcer and more expensive. Waste is costing more to dispose of. One of the core ideas of the circular economy is to keep materials in circulation at their highest value for as long as possible. Product design and innovation can play a key role in the circular economy, and so can finding innovative new uses for materials at the end of their life.

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Joining the circular economy.

Improving the circularity of your products can help reduce your carbon footprint and waste disposal costs. It can also help to attract, retain and engage staff.

Rethinking your supply chain, how your products are produced, and what they could become at the end of their life is not always easy. Choosing the right partner can be.

We’ve partnered with businesses and sector organisations in industries as diverse as paint, horticulture, glass packaging and tyres.

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3R Group support for the circular economy

The support you need

Our team has the wide range of skills you need to build circular economy principles into your business.

We provide support for:

  • Lifecycle thinking
  • Lifecyle analysis
  • Circular product pathways
  • Systems change
  • Sustainable materials research & development
  • Product innovation
  • Materials innovation
  • Supply chain and sustainable procurement
  • Product stewardship design & implementation
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