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Your sustainability journey starts here.

No matter how big or small the change you want to make; doing it with the right support can deliver stronger results. If you’re new to sustainability or even if you have experience, bringing in an expert can make it easier to make a change.

Our team of Reimagineers come from diverse backgrounds but are united in their passion for sustainability. We’ve developed a toolkit of processes, expertise and skills. Whatever your sustainability project, when you partner with us you benefit from our experience supporting businesses, industries and organisations across New Zealand.

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Why invest in sustainability with 3R forest path

Why invest in sustainability?

If you want your business to prosper tomorrow; now’s the time to start your sustainability journey.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Governments are putting more and more focus on circular economies and reducing the environmental impact of industry.

With sustainability taking centre stage in the future of your business: your shareholders will thank you for beginning your sustainability journey now. Integrating sustainability into your business also has the potential to open up new markets and differentiate you from the competition.

Many businesses across the world aspire to become more sustainable. The challenge is knowing where to begin. Our processes can support your existing sustainability projects or help you find new ones. Let’s turn your goals into a reality.

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Make the right sustainability choice 3R team

Make the right choice

However small your sustainability project, we can help you explore your real potential. From innovation to execution, our team has the expertise you need to turn your goals into a reality.

Benefit from our broad range of skills and expertise across waste minimisation, resource recovery, product stewardship, packaging, carbon, reporting, and behaviour change.

Do you have the resources you need to begin your sustainability journey? You can outsource or Increase your capacity to make changes by bringing in our team of experts.

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3R can help your sustainability project man in manufacturing

We can help

Our processes and services make it easier to engage your suppliers, your partners, your own team and your consumers. Together we can drive change.

Our services include:

  • Providing expert advice to support the overall sustainability of your business
  • Sustainability assessments: we review your current sustainability performance and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • We can work in partnership with your business to implement approved recommendations
  • Support for individual sustainability projects, tailored to your needs
  • Your own in-house personal sustainability expert / part-time sustainability manager
  • Sustainable packaging expertise: we can help your business identify opportunities for improvement with a focus on the waste hierarchy and circular economy principles.
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