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Your hazardous waste, managed.

ChemCollect is a chemical collection and disposal service that includes the collection, treatment and disposal of your chemicals, and required reporting.

Regional collections are available if you need a cost-effective solution for disposal of smaller quantities of waste. Our on demand collection is available for commercial quantities.

Our ChemCollect service complies with all relevant legislation and regulations. Our services also assist New Zealand to meet its obligations under the Stockholm Convention for the elimination and disposal of persistent organic pollutants.

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3R ChemCollect reduce the risk

Reduce the risks

Hazardous materials can cause serious and lasting damage to the environment. That’s why your business needs to put a plan in place to reduce the risk of environmental harm.

Knowing you can rely on us for scheduled or on demand collections makes it possible to minimise the hazardous waste you have to store onsite. That’s why ChemCollect provides regular, safe chemical collection and disposal services that match your needs.

Hazardous materials are most dangerous when they are being moved. By following the right procedures and investing in the right equipment, our team reduces the risk of hazardous materials causing harm.

ChemCollect safely collects and disposes of your hazardous waste, reducing the risk of harm to the environment, your people and your community.

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3R ChemCollect put safety first

Put safety first

Take care of your staff and your community by disposing of hazardous waste properly. The right identification, handling and transport of hazardous waste also protects your business and the environment.

Our team has been putting safety first for over 10 years. That includes reporting that you can use for compliance and product safety requirements. Our people are fully trained and our specialised equipment and vehicles are designed to keep everyone safe.

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3R ChemCollect there when you need us truck

There when you need us

Our frequent, New Zealand-wide collection service means we’re always there when you need us.

You can make hazardous waste management more cost-effective by planning around our regional collection cycle. For larger quantities or commercial contracts we can make one-off collections to suit your needs.

Make hazardous waste management a matter of routine. Our team has been managing hazardous waste collection for New Zealand businesses and organisations for over 10 years. We know how to follow regulations, protect the environment and keep you and your people safe.

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We safely collect and dispose of:

  • Unsold or expired stock
  • Obsolete, banned or unusable chemical products
  • Industrial chemical waste or by-products
  • Unknown liquids or powders
  • Chemicals
  • Sprays, paints or solvents
  • Hazardous materials

We collect from:

  • Industrial users & manufacturers
  • Importers & distributors
  • Retailers & vet clinics
  • Hospitals & laboratories
  • Schools
  • Councils, contractors & service providers
  • Households wishing to dispose of chemicals.

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to some of the questions we are often asked about ChemCollect. Do you have more questions? Read our articles or contact us.

  • What responsibilities does my business have for hazardous waste?

    Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017 requires all businesses that deal with Hazardous substances to keep an up to date inventory of all their hazardous substances, including waste materials. This is to ensure the risk they pose to employees and anyone else who may come into contact with them, as well as their environmental risk, can be safely managed.

    Your responsibility doesn’t end once they have been collected for disposal. As the owner of the chemicals, you are legally responsible for them right through to the point of safe disposal or destruction. Choosing a certified contractor, like ChemCollect, is therefore vital.

  • What sorts of materials do you collect?

    We collect all types of hazardous waste materials from small to large quantities from commercial businesses, laboratories, schools, sports fields, households, the rural sector, and many other entities. The only materials we can’t accept are explosives.

  • How do you dispose of my hazardous waste?

    All materials have differing active ingredients so collected items are segregated accordingly. These active ingredients determine what chemistry is required to neutralise the materials before they can be stabilised and disposed of. Some materials require offshore disposal through high temperature incineration where all emissions are captured.

Tailor our ChemCollect service to your needs

Whatever your needs, our ChemCollect service can be adapted to suit them. Call us on 0508 243 642 or complete our quick form to help us understand how we can help. Once we’ve received your information; we’ll be in touch to work through the details.

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