Building sustainable connections

At 3R, we believe in the power of networking with other businesses, organisations and individuals to keep the sustainability discussion moving forward.

Every quarter, we hold a Sustainable Business Network Regional Business Connector event designed to bring together Hawke’s Bay businesses, covering topics that are key to a more sustainable business environment and community.

You can read more about these events below or, even better, if you’d like to join us, please email Adele.

Let’s get renewable

The fourth event in the series will focus on ‘enabling the use of renewables’ and is due to be held in early December.

Watch this space for more details.

21 Sep | Designed for life

The evening was spent at FG Smiths enjoying their gorgeous food and a perfectly sustainable space. Ezra Kelly of PMA architects showcased the adaptive reuse of this building and the opportunities and challenges for sustainability in building and construction. Our second speaker, James Griffin from SBN, covered sustainable office spaces and challenged us to think differently about how we consume products and services and how that might influence a more circular economy – how about ‘light’ as a service, for instance, where the manufacturer owns the light fittings and is responsible for their end of life, while you just rent the resulting light.

If you’d like to know more, we’ll be interviewing each of the speakers and posting the articles shortly. In the meantime, here are their presentations to give you just a taste of what you missed!

01 Jun | Waste not, want not

The venue of our second event, The Space at Oh My Goodness bakery in Hastings, was the perfect setting for the event themed on reducing food waste.  We were lucky to have some great speakers on the night, with bakery owner Scott Wynands, Nourished for Nil founders Christina McBeth and Louise Saurin, as well as Paul Evans of Love Food Hate Waste.

Food rescue heroes

When it comes to minimising food waste we can all do our part; shop smart, only cook as much as you need and eat leftovers, among other things. But Havelock North women Christina McBeth and Louise Saurin have taken things to the next level with their food rescue charity Nourished for Nil.
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Bread for life

Hundreds of years ago bread was a central part of everyday life, from the process of making it, to the staple it served as on the table. Scott Wynands has brought that tradition back to his life with the artisan breads he and his bakers create at Oh My Goodness Specialty Breads in Hastings.
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An edible scandal

Food is one of our biggest expenses, but every year we literally throw away $872 million worth. This tips the scales at more than 122,500 tonnes. That’s enough to feed almost 263,000 people.
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02 Mar | Protecting our waterways

Our first event held on March saw speakers talking about “enhancing NZ’s natural capital”. Among them was Mangarara Station owner Greg Hart and Pat Turley of Maraetotara Tree Trust, both of whom have received funding from the Million Metres Streams Project. The work being done to enhance the environment in the Bay is inspiring to see.

Fresh approach to farming

In the words of Greg Hart, “The way we currently practise agriculture is one of the biggest problems on the planet, but it has the potential to be one of the biggest solutions”. It’s the sort of sentiment which has seen Mangarara Station owners Greg and Rachel Hart spend around 12 years converting from the more traditional style of farming they grew up with to a more sustainable approach.
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Working for the future

It is always great to hear about success stories and the Maraetōtara Tree Trust is just one such example. The trust set out in 2002, to restore the Maraetōtara River and nearly 15 years later they have cleared, fenced, had covenants registered and planted 43 kilometres of the river’s length with native shrubs and trees.
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A river runs through it

Crowdfunding is a great way for projects or business ideas to get off the ground and for people to help – even in a small way. The Million Metres Streams Project taps into this with the aim of seeing thousands of native plants and trees planted along rivers, lakes and wetlands.
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