More than six litres of household paint is sold each year for each and every person here.

Resene PaintWise

It is estimated that every New Zealand household has 12 – 15 litres of old paint in their sheds (approximately 20 million litres). Uncontrolled, the disposal of paint can be highly damaging to the environment and human health.

Initiative: Resene PaintWise – paint and packaging product stewardship
Client: Resene Paints Ltd
  1. Further expand on PaintWise concept developed by Resene from trial scale to nationwide roll-out (2004)
  2. Operate Resene PaintWise on an ongoing basis through 65 stores

3R Role: Resene PaintWise programme manager and leader of PaintCrete™ Partnership

Lending a helping handPW timeline

At a crucial point in the development of PaintWise, Resene asked 3R to conduct a six month paint take back trial in one store. Following the success of this, 3R were engaged to manage the programme on an on-going basis.

“Meeting with 3R in mid-2004 was timely, providing much needed impetus, resource and know how to take the Resene PaintWise concept from trial to permanent rollout.” Karen Warman: Marketing Manager, Resene

From waste to resource

Resene charges a levy at point of sale which enables customers to drop off any unwanted Resene paint or packaging at most Colorshops for free, with other brands attracting a small fee.

Unwanted paint and packaging is consolidated from all participating stores by 3R. Steel and plastic are sorted at 3R’s plants in Auckland and Christchurch and sent for recycling.  Solvent and waterborne paints are separated for diversion to the appropriate end use.

10 years and 2 million packs later!

In 2014, Resene PaintWise reached its 10th birthday having achieved the following:

  • Over 2 million separate items collected for recycling
  • Over 400,000 kg of steel and 200,000 kg of plastic recycled
  • Over 500,000 litres of solvent-borne paint sent for solvent recovery
  • Over 190,000 litres of paint donated for social projects and to cover graffiti

Innovation in collected materials

Critical to the on-going success of a paint and packaging product stewardship programme is finding innovative solutions for the waste paint.

3R is driving the use of waste paint to replace virgin materials in concrete and related applications, underpinned by testing by University of Auckland.

To achieve this, we’re working with Resene and the concrete industry on a collaborative model to deliver a product called the PaintCrete™.

“PaintCrete™ is an exciting new development that makes use of waste paint into concrete. 3R has been the key to the whole PaintCrete partnership. They got it started, they collect the paint, they ensure quality and deliver that to the concrete operations and without that backing behind it, PaintCrete just wouldn’t work.” Len McSaveney: Former Market Development Manager, Golden Bay Cement NZ

What’s next for 3R and PaintWise?

Following the success of Resene PaintWise, 3R is supported by Resene to continue developing efforts with manufacturers and retailers to implement a NZ-wide stewardship programme, and are working on opportunities to commercialise PaintWise™ and other beneficial end uses of waste paint in Australia.

If you aren’t already recycling your paint and packaging, get in touch.

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