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The concept of recycling glass dates back to the Romans, who realised the benefits of using old glass to make new glass. Today, returning glass bottles and jars to the furnace to make new ones is still accepted as the best outcome.  

Initiative: Glass Packaging Forum Product Stewardship Scheme
Client: Glass Packaging Forum
  1. Manage the accredited product stewardship scheme
  2. Improve the quality and quantity of glass available for recycling
  3. Raise the profile of glass as a highly recyclable, circular resource
  4. Work with Forum members, industry, government and other organisations to achieve glass recycling goals

3R Role: Scheme managers

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Steering glass stewardship

3R Group were contracted as scheme managers for the Glass Packaging Forum’s accredited product stewardship scheme in April 2017.  Established in 2006, the Glass Packaging Forum is part of The Packaging Forum which is dedicated to developing product stewardship across packaging materials and the packaging supply chain.

With over 12 years of experience in product stewardship, 3R are well known in the waste and resource recovery sector for their work with Resene PaintWise, the Dulux Paint and Packaging Take Back Programme and Agrecovery Rural Recycling as well as other stewardship and resource recovery initiatives.

“Our aim for next eight years is to increase the recovery rate to over 80%. We are confident 3R’s expertise in design, development and delivery of such programmes will allow us to reach this ambitious target.”

Alistair Sayers: Glass Packaging Forum Steering Committee

Promoting the circular economy

Everyone agrees – the best outcome for glass bottles and jars is to go back to the furnace to be remade into new containers.

Glass is infinitely recyclable without loosing quality or purity. Using recycled glass (known as cullet) to manufacture new bottles and jars also uses less energy, produces less emissions and reduces demand for virgin materials.

3R are committed to supporting the growth of a circular economy in New Zealand and glass is a great example of a circular resource at work.

Working together

The purpose of the Forum is to connect businesses that sell glass-packaged consumer goods with those that collect and recycle glass. This enables glass to be returned to the furnace or made into alternative products, with the aim of zero container glass to landfill.

To achieve this 3R uses its expertise in collaboration and facilitation to bring stakeholders together to improve the quality and quantity glass available for recycling in New Zealand. This work includes improving public access to container glass recycling, helping to increase glass recycling in the hospitality sector, promoting glass recycling among the public, facilitating efficient transport and logistics, representing members in wider forums and effective distribution of grant funding for projects which support the Forum’s aims.

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