Plastic waste is recognised as one of the most significant issues facing the industry.


Plastic waste is recognised by many in the nursery and garden industry as one of the most significant issues facing the industry.

Having tackled rigid plastics and films through the Agrecovery Rural Recycling programme, it was obvious to 3R that a nursery and garden recycling programme is well overdue in New Zealand.

The nature of the mixed, contaminated, yet technically recyclable, plastics typically found in the garden industry requires the innovative and experienced approach that 3R brings to any project.


3R did some initial work with the nursery and garden industry in 2009 and 2010 looking at a product stewardship scheme for plastic pots and soft plastics used in the industry, however the industry choose not to progress this.

Priority product declaration for packaging

In August 2019, the Government announced consultation on a possible declaration of priority product for six products which includes packaging and agrichemicals.  Under the initial scope, this would include packaging associated with the nursery and garden industry as well as chemicals used in both nurseries and home gardens.

If the declaration on packaging and agrichemicals continues as initially outlined, this will require the industry to develop co-designed and regulated product stewardship scheme(s) for the plastic pots and plastics, as well as the chemicals used in the industry.

Keen to get involved?

If you are a retailer or nursery interested in product stewardship for your products, we’d love to help you progress this.

Let’s get Gardenwise and find a solution.

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