It is estimated that every New Zealand household has 12 - 15 litres of old paint in their sheds.

Dulux Paint and Packaging Take Back Programme

It is estimated that every New Zealand household has 12 – 15 litres of old paint in their sheds (approximately 20 million litres). Uncontrolled, the disposal of paint can be highly damaging to the environment and human health.

Initiative: Dulux Paint and Packaging Take Back Programme
Client: DuluxGroup (New Zealand) Pty Ltd

  1. Develop take back concept from trial scale to nationwide roll-out (2009-present day)
  2. Operate programme on an ongoing basis (2009-present day)

3R Role: Programme manager

Dulux timelineCollaboration is key

3R has been working with industry participants since 2000 to create an industry-wide paint and packaging take back scheme for New Zealand. From this work came engagement by Dulux to create a take back scheme for their trade clients.

The take back programme enables trade customers to drop off any unwanted Dulux paint or packaging at most Dulux trade stores, with other brands attracting a small fee.
Unwanted paint and packaging is consolidated from all participating stores by 3R. Steel and plastic are sorted at 3R’s plants in Auckland and Christchurch and sent for recycling. Solvent and waterborne paints are separated for diversion to the appropriate end use.

Savings through stewardship

As part of the recycling programme Dulux identified that by measuring their stores on the amount of tinter waste left in containers, they were able to make considerable savings and also reduce the amount of useable tinter going through to the recycling process.

5 years and 250,000 packs later!

In 2014, the Dulux Paint and Packaging Take Back programme reached its 5th birthday having achieved the following:

  • More than 250,000 separate items collected for recycling
  • More than 27,000 kg of steel and 57,000 kg of plastic recycled
  • More than 50,000 litres of solvent-borne paint sent for solvent recovery
  • More than 110,000 litres of waterborne paint recovered

3R make it possible for Dulux to recycle much of our post consumer product, which enables us to take greater responsibility for the full life cycle of our products. They are pro-actice and manage things smoothly while suggesting ways to improve. Murray C Gray: Dulux National Trade Stores Manager

What’s next?

3R is continuing efforts with manufacturers and retailers to implement a NZ-wide stewardship programme, and are working on opportunities to commercialise PaintCrete™ and other beneficial end uses of waste paint in Australia.

If you aren’t already recycling your paint and packaging, get in touch.

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