Climate Action HB

3R, supported by Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, is leading an exciting new initiative called Climate Action HB.  We are bringing businesses and communities together so we can be more connected and focused on meeting the challenges and opportunities of climate change in Hawke’s Bay.

Are you unsure of what you can do about climate change?

Climate change. Climate crisis.  Global warming.  Whatever you call it, it can feel overwhelming.  And, it’s hard to know where to start.

Over the next 12 months we will be holding a series of events and workshops covering key topics, such as emissions measurement and reduction, energy, transport, water, and people.

3R and the Regional Council aim to personalise the journey for Hawke’s Bay business owners so that they commit to actions that will collectively reduce the impact of human accelerated climate change in Hawke’s Bay.

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Workshop 1 – intro to measuring and monitoring

Getting started – understand how to measure and monitor your carbon emissions

Understanding where your emissions come from and what produces the most carbon is a great place to start your climate action – you can then focus your reduction efforts where it will have the most impact.

Two workshops were held on 27 and 31 August 2020.  A third workshop is likely on 13th November if there is sufficient interest.

We partnered with Toitū Envirocare and Moxie to deliver a fantastic workshop.  Plus, given the difficult situation many businesses find themselves in, the workshops were be koha only.

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Workshop 2 – Reducing your emissions

Dates and details to come shortly.

Business CoLab, 25 Nov 2019

The Business CoLab, held on 25th November at the Napier Conference Centre, was the first of a series of events aimed at exploring what each of us can do to transition Hawke’s Bay to a low-emissions economy.  Attendees heard from a number of speakers outlining the issues and presenting different perspectives on how to meet the challenge.  Their presentations are below.

Speaker Presentations


Chief Executive Officer, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council – Presentation


Chief Executive, 3R Group – Presentation


General Manager & Chairman, Hohepa Community – Watch: Hohepa Hawke’s Bay Overview


Ndevr Environmental, Australia

Due to copyright restrictions, we can’t share Lee Stewart’s presentation but you are welcome to watch and share the Al Gore version of that same presentation.


Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland – Presentation

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Climate Leader’s Coalition

3R is proud to be one of over 120 New Zealand businesses which have joined forces to tackle climate change by forming the Climate Leaders Coalition.

The Chief Executives of each of the companies has signed the CEO’s Climate Change Statement, which recognises the role business can play in bringing about change and commits the companies to action. The goal of the coalition, which includes the leaders of Z Energy, Westpac, Ngai Tahu Holdings, Vector, Air New Zealand, Spark and NZ Post, as well as many small and medium sized businesses, is to help New Zealand transition to a low emissions economy and, in doing so, create a positive future for New Zealanders, business, and the economy.

The Coalition website has many useful resources including case studies and guides to emission reductions.

Sustainable Dev. Goals

In September 2015, the United Nations signed up to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets.

The SDGs provide a simple framework with language that is easy to understand, no matter if you are in business, not-for-profit, politics or a private citizen. They aim for a better future for everyone and do not distinguish between developed and developing nations.

The SDGs take a systemic approach in striving to bring about rapid change across interrelated but separate aspects of the economy and wellbeing.

SDG 13: Climate Action outlines further details of the UNs goals as they relate to climate change, including specific targets and indicators to measure success.


GenLess, the new face of the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA), is a new government-led push to get individuals and businesses to make changes to drastically reduce their emissions.  Ultimately, the goal is to turn around New Zealand’s rising emissions total.

GenLess outlines simple steps businesses and individuals can take to reduce their emissions from electricity generation and transport.


Two recent BayBuzz articles discuss climate change in Hawke’s Bay.

Make a Commitment

Climate Action HB is focused on real change.  So, at the Business CoLab on 25 November, we asked attendees to make a commitment to climate action.  This is a small sample of the commitments made.

“Understand what emissions we are actually providing and then research the options to minimise.”

“Formulating an organisational climate change strategy. Promoting HB as a climate friendly local purchasing and holiday destination decision for kiwi consumers.”

“Calculating our full business and livestock emissions by 2021. Create an emissions reduction plan by 2022.”

“Creating a line in the sand and tracking progress.”

“Advocating for large scale change in my organisation to combat climate change and make our business, community and region more sustainable.”

Get Committed

If you’d like to make a commitment to bring about action in your business or organisation, we encourage you to make that commitment in writing. It’s a powerful motivator!

Make a commitment and be part of Climate Action HB.

So, why are we doing this?

3R Group

3R Group has been working in the environmental sustainability space since the early days in 2004 when two men with small laptops and big ideas established the business. 3R has always remained true to the founders’ initial intentions – to imagine a world without waste.

While our core business is to design and deliver product stewardship schemes – that is, encouraging producers to take responsibility for their products at end of life – we also work with individual businesses to help them on their sustainability journey. Whether that is through waste audits and assessments, resource recovery and waste minimisation, compliance and behaviour change or product stewardship.

3R is an Impact Enterprise, meaning we measure our impact not by profit, but by our combined social, environmental and financial impact. We believe passionately in showing leadership to other businesses, large and small.  We regularly speak at conferences and workshops around the country, and hold quarterly sustainability events here in the Bay as the Sustainable Business Network’s Regional Business Connector.

We are carboNZeroCertTM certified and also certified to the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Standard. We are also a signatory to the Climate Leaders Coalition.  We believe that only together can we mitigate and adapt to the challenges and opportunities posed by the climate crisis. We hope you will join us.

Toni Bye
3R Group
Email Toni
06 872 7235

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

The Regional Council announced a climate emergency for the Hawke’s Bay region on 26 June 2019, recognising that we have a small window of time to act to avoid the most damaging effects of the climate crisis in the longer term.

In declaring a climate emergency, the Regional Council is making climate change a focus in all its decision-making and relevant work programmes.

Manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua
Care for the land, care for our people, go forward.

Together we can be the kaitaki, the guardians, for our taonga, our treasured environment. Together we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the opportunities and challenges presented by the climate crisis.

We know the climate is changing, and there will be more change in the future which will have broad environmental, social, economic, and cultural impacts. By acting now, we can reduce the most damaging effects of climate change for ourselves and future generations.

Gavin Ide
Hawke’s Bay Regional Council
Email Gavin
06 833 8077

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