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Compliance and Certification

Sustainability, the right way.

We’re experts so you don’t need to be. We understand the regulations, legislations and certifications that surround every aspect of operating a business sustainably in New Zealand and overseas.

Our guidance can help you identify the rules you need to follow and the tools that can demonstrate to your customers that you’re genuine in your intent. In today’s business world it’s not enough to say you are looking after the environment. You need to be able to show your credentials.

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Show your credentials

Sustainability matters to your business so how do you prove it? The right certification and compliance can demonstrate to anyone who buys from or works with you that sustainability is important.

Establish the competitive advantage your shareholders are looking for. Meeting regulations and achieving compliance can attract new customers, open up new markets and drive product differentiation.

Understanding which regulations you need to follow to meet your sustainability goals is an important part of your journey. As experts in the compliance and certification of sustainability, we can help you understand the challenges and identify the opportunities.

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Achieve your goals

Do you have sustainability goals that you want to achieve? When you work in partnership with us, you benefit from our expertise in the areas of compliance, certification, legislation and regulation.

Our team co-designed one of New Zealand’s first regulated product stewardship schemes, Tyrewise. Our experience also includes supporting the Glass Packaging Forum in the reporting required for an accredited voluntary scheme and RECOVERY Trust in their application for accreditation. We can help you work with and understand the impact of regulations on your sustainability journey.

We work wth our client Resene to help deliver the requirements for their Environmental Choice credentials.

Accreditation is an important part of your Product Stewardship journey. We can help with the accreditation process. We have supported a wide range of New Zealand businesses and industries to complete their applications and reports for accreditation.

Certification offers your business the opportunity to demonstrate its environmental credentials. With experience gained on our own sustainability journey, we can help you understand and apply for ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and Toitū certification.

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Certify your sustainability

The right environmental credentials can demonstrate to your customers, your suppliers and your shareholders that your business takes sustainability seriously.

Whether you’re ready for product stewardship or you have a sustainability project that needs our help. When we work in partnership with your business, we can help you understand the opportunities for certification.

Our team are experts in key environmental certifications like ISO 14001:2015, product stewardship accreditation, and carbon certification. We can identify the changes you need to make to receive certification, then provide the support you need to make them happen.

We have experience helping a wide variety of New Zealand businesses complete the certification process. From application to maintaining your certification: we’re with you every step of the way.

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