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Second sweep of The Great DDT Muster gathers pace standard

The Great DDT is gaining momentum as farmers turn over tonnes of their unwanted chemicals for safe disposal. The programme has so far collected some 17 tonnes of banned persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and other chemicals from properties in Northland to Invercargill. The past months have seen some unusual collections too, with a massive 2.3 tonnes of DDT found at one property, while another required staff to crack open an old safe to reach the POPs stored inside. The Muster, which is being run by the 3R Group, is in its second round of collections, having initially started in 2015. It is set to move down through Waikato and the lower North Island, and then onto the Mainland in the ...

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Chemical collections help fund Million Metres Streams planting standard

We have been doing chemical collections for nearly 10 years and know that chemicals incorrectly disposed of often end up in our waterways. Safely collecting and disposing of these hazardous materials helps to preserve our ecosystems, however we wanted to take it a step further. As part of our new ChemCollect service we will donate $200 for every tonne of materials collected to a Million Metres Streams Project, restoring and protecting our waterways. Our first donation of $1,720 has gone to the Silver Stream Restoration Project in Clarkville, outside Christchurch. This is based on the 8.6 tonnes of chemicals collected between 1 April and 31 September this year. “Canterbury has a big farming community, with a large number of ChemCollect bookings ...

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Lucky break keeps dumped chemicals out the bush standard

Media release: A case of some lucky coincidence has seen dangerous chemicals removed from the side of a state highway in Waikato after they were illegally dumped. The find was made by ChemCollect chemical collections expert Mark Rose, who had pulled his truck over near Tahuna, 47km outside Hamilton, for a rest break between jobs on Wednesday last week (November 22). He quickly contacted his manager, who made contact with the Waikato Regional Council. ChemCollect is a chemical collection and disposal service run by Hastings-based resource recovery experts 3R Group. Rose safely picked up the containers, however one had already leaked its contents onto the ground. The containers held an agricultural chemical and acid, and appeared to have been recently ...

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Great DDT Muster off to a weighty start standard

The collection of 2.3 tonnes of banned and highly toxic pesticides from a single farm continues to surprise, 3R Group ChemCollect manager says. The Muster, which is managed by 3R, started in 2015 with the aim of ridding New Zealand of DDT and other obsolete pesticides containing persistent organic pollutants (POPs). When the programme began it was estimated seven tonnes of chemicals likely to be persistent organic pollutants remained on properties around New Zealand. However, this quota was reached in just one year and funding was extended. The total collected volume to date now sits at 12.5 tonnes, and a substantial number of bookings are scheduled for collection over the summer. 3R Group’s ChemCollect manager Jason Richards says the latest ...

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3R – e-news Mar17 – Taking the pain out of chemical collection image

Introducing ChemCollect! Through our previous work in chemical stewardship and collection, we know there is always a small percentage of chemicals in circulation that, for whatever reason, are not used or sold for their intended purpose. Not to mention legacy chemicals that have been sitting around for years with owners unsure of the correct disposal solution. ChemCollect is our answer to hassle-free chemical collection and disposal, with the added bonus of protecting our streams and rivers along the way. Curious? Find out more.

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Letting nature take the lead standard

Featured speaker at SBN / 3R Business Connector event in March. In the words of Greg Hart, “The way we currently practise agriculture is one of the biggest problems on the planet, but it has the potential to be one of the biggest solutions”. It’s the sort of sentiment which has seen Mangarara Station owners Greg and Rachel Hart spend around 12 years converting from the more traditional style of farming they grew up with to a more sustainable approach. They have a strong focus on maintaining clean water, building soils and increasing biodiversity on their land as well as spreading a general awareness through education. “We take our lead from nature,” Greg says. As such the farm is also ...

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