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ChemCollect - chemical collection and disposal services We provide a comprehensive chemical collection and disposal service for a wide range of industries. Whether your chemicals are industrial, agricultural or household, our ChemCollect service has got you covered. With over 10 years experience working with hazardous materials, we cost-effectively help businesses like yours put safety for the environment and people first. Contact us today to take the pain out of hazardous chemical disposal Ph 0508 243 642 GET A QUOTE Reduce environmental risk Ensure your business is not at risk of damaging the environment through poor storage, chemical spills, leaching or inappropriate disposal. Keep staff and premises safe Best practice identification, handling and transport of hazardous and toxic chemicals by a team with over 10 years experience. There when you ...

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ChemCollect helps plant trees in our back yard standard

Since its inception our ChemCollect service has looked to maximise its positive impact on the environment. In late 2017 we took the decision to further this impact by donating to a Million Metres Streams project twice a year. The amount donated is based on the tonnage of materials collected from the rural sector and through our MyHazWaste events. The start of 2020 has been no different with our latest donation having gone to the Brookby Project – Papakura Stream in Auckland.  While all the projects we donate to are deserving, this was particularly fitting as our Auckland depot is located in Papakura – which is just opposite where the stream empties into the Pahurehure Inlet, Manukau Harbour. The project aims ...

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Thank You – ChemCollect Booking standard

Thanks for requesting a quote from ChemCollect   We'll be in touch within 2 working days to discuss your needs and provide a quote. Jason Richards National Programme Manager - ChemCollect   Any chemicals within this request for quotation are in your ownership until such time as the quotation is accepted and paid in full, and they are collected by 3R Group. 3R Group will contact you regarding the collection of your unwanted chemicals and these shall not be delivered to any location without written authorisation. Neither this nor the confirmation email to follow constitute acceptance of this request for quote or any obligation by 3R ...

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MyHazWaste Are you a local council looking for a more affordable and efficient way to run hazardous household waste collection events? Operated by 3R Group’s ChemCollect, MyHazWaste runs one-off or regular events for the safe disposal of hazardous household waste in association with local councils. MyHazWaste events provide a smart solution to bring about long-term behaviour change by educating the public on existing recycling or disposal solutions and encouraging them to safely dispose of the remainder with ChemCollect. It also helps budgeting and planning by providing an online booking system to track or limit the volume of waste expected at the event. For more information call 0508 CHEMICAL or email us. A MyHazWaste pop-up event will: Educate residents Enable accurate budgeting Create operational ...

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Fire Fighting Foam Decontamination standard

Do you have banned fire-fighting foams stored onsite? The team from ChemCollect can help. In 2006, New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) banned the importation, manufacture and use of any firefighting foam (FF) which contains perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Those in possession of banned FF have since been working to remove it and decontaminate any affected plant. We have the solution 3R Group’s ChemCollect service has experience in the decontamination and disposal of firefighting equipment and appliances. Our decontamination process is both efficient and effective, which means: Minimised downtime of vital equipment Affordable decontamination options for your organisation Risk to your organisation and the environment is eliminated Compliance with EPA regulations/standards For more information call 0508 CHEMICAL or email us. GET A QUOTE Read our case ...

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