The Sustainable Business Council has just published its Pre-election Briefing 2014: Business lifting the ceiling, government raising the floor.

The briefing contains SBC’s recommendations on:

  • Growing exports while improving environmental quality
  • Moving to a low carbon economy
  • Getting pricing that reflects the value of resources
  • Schemes for product stewardship and waste diversion
  • Sustainable freight and transport
  • More certainty on climate change policy

One of the aims of SBC is to participate in policy development to create a framework that allows business to contribute effectively to sustainable development. They are currently working hard to build a greater understanding about the resources business can apply to a government that is interested in collaborating together to bring about change.

In 2010 the Government’s New Zealand Waste Strategy was updated with two clear goals for managing and minimising waste: Goal 1, reducing the harmful effects of waste, and Goal 2, improving the efficiency of resource use.

The Pre-election Briefing 2014 should give the government formed after the election a clear message about the commitment SBC member businesses continue to make to achieve these goals.

3R is proud to be a member of the Sustainable Business Council.

By Adele Rose, 3R Chief Executive