In July 3R Group hosted MP Jo Hayes (National list MP) as part of a three day Business Study Programme through the NZ Business and Parliament Trust.

The aim of the Trust is to foster better understanding of kiwi businesses for MP’s and to help business better understand and engage with government.

3R is the smallest and only regional company to belong to the NZ Business and Parliament Trust with a unique focus on waste to resource.

Jo answered a few questions for us on her study visit which took in 3R’s business operations in Hastings, Auckland and Christchurch.

What were your initial impressions of 3R?
On arrival I was met by the CEO Adele Rose at the Hastings Head Office, Adele then introduced me to the staff and Founder of 3R Group – Graeme Norton.  The senior management along with Adele and Graeme then gave me a comprehensive overview of 3R from the company’s beginning to today.  I was very impressed with the development of the organisation, the passion of the staff in their ability to implement the Waste Minimisation Act as well as the business and management plans.  It was pleasing to see the founder was still engaged with the organisation and his pursuit of other interests in the governance area that supports the 3R Group at governance level.

What was the key purpose of your Attachment?
The key element was observing 3R’s implementation of the Waste Minimisation Act, which included visits to a landfill, Resene paint company and the recycling of Resene paint and plastic buckets, participation in the Agrecovery programme of plastic drench and animal product containers, a visit to Allied Concrete, recycle store for household furniture, etc. and clothing, as well as a Not-for-Profit (Abilities Group) who recycles electronic equipment while giving those with disabilities physical and intellectual employment. The three days were busy from early in the morning till late at night!  I was also impressed with the management style of the company and their planning process across all areas of the company.

How did the Attachment to 3R improve your knowledge of how business functions?
This attachment gave me an increased understanding of the need to care for our environment through recycling. I met people who were highly engaged and enthusiastic about their role and contribution to caring for our environment through minimising waste. The saying “one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure” was truly showcased at 3R.

How do you summarise your Attachment?
This was a triple A experience and I would definitely recommend a business study attachment to 3R!

Pictured left to right: MP Jo Hayes, Adele Rose 3R Group CE, Dominic Salmon HDC Waste Minimisation Officer, Gareth Mentzer 3R Group GM Operations