Refrigerant Recovery Project

Refrigerants (CFCs and HCFCs) deplete the ozone layer and contribute to climate change.

The nature of refrigerant gas requires special disposal to mitigate their contribution to global warming.

Since 1993, the Trust for the Destruction of Synthetic Refrigerants (RECOVERY), a voluntary product stewardship programme, has been collecting and disposing of these ozone depleting substances used in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries.

End-of-life refrigerant disposal demand is growing and it is forecast to continue growing over the coming years.  Unfortunately demand is at a greater rate than the contribution of levies from RECOVERY’s members.

The Trust, on behalf of its members, are sponsoring a project that looks at how to address this shortfall to enable RECOVERY to continue its work.  3R will be working with the Trust as the project manager.

What we aim to do

Consult with the refrigerant industry on mandatory stewardship via declaration of refrigerants as a priority waste stream

Work with Institute of Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning Engineers to develop installation industry best practice to minimise harm

Develop new fully funded disposal paths to meet the changing nature of refrigerant gases

Propose recommendations to enhance the regulations for Ozone Layer Protection

Working Group

A working group will be established that will represent the interests of the refrigeration/air conditioning industry, automotive air conditioning sector of the motor trade industry, wholesalers of refrigerants to industry, the chemical companies who manufacture and distribute refrigerants, together with the dairy industry and the retail grocer’s association.

Goals of the Working Group

  • Review and guide the programme development.
  • Give expert direction and recommendations to contracted parties.
  • Provide feedback to and from relevant stakeholders.

Role of 3R Group

  • 3R is an independent third party with expertise in product stewardship that will provide for overall project management as the solutions are explored and developed.
  • This includes expert advice, materials for discussion, and support for funding submissions for the Working Group in accordance with the terms of reference.
  • 3R will stay abreast of issues and bring key matters, reports, documents and legislation to the attention of members in a timely, efficient and ethical manner.

Get involved

Be part of the solution

If you have an interest in refrigerant recovery join us in creating a safe and sustainable future.

Latest news

22 November 2018

The annual WasteMINZ Conference provided an excellent platform to highlight the issues facing the Trust for the Destruction of Synthetic Refrigerants (RECOVERY).

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