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20 years and still waiting… standard

By Darren Patterson In 1996 the OECD produced a report on the environmental performance of New Zealand. A review it carries out for all of its members every 10 years. In this report, amongst other things, it stated: “Waste management policies and programmes are hampered by a lack of reliable, comprehensive information on sources of waste and waste generation” and, “New Zealand lacks comprehensive legislation dealing specifically with both waste and hazardous waste” At the beginning of this century the Ministry for the Environment set about addressing these and other issues raised. They produced a series guidelines focusing on areas of waste management, culminating in the release of the New Zealand Waste Strategy in 2002; a strategy that set some ...

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Sustainability standard

Sustainability is what we do It almost goes without saying that we're committed to sustainability. Every day, we encourage Kiwis to take actions that will help us all "live well and within the limits of the planet" as outlined by Vision2050. And as a business, we work to make this a reality through our own actions. We aim to effect social change as we continue to deliver programmes and initiatives into 2018 and beyond, and will be measuring our environmental progress as we go. Our success is grounded in our twenty-two employees rigorously applying their own sustainability principles, in close cooperation with our customers, partners and shareholders. Climate Leaders Coalition We are proud to be one of over 100 New Zealand businesses which have ...

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Climate Action HB: Workshop1 standard

Climate Action HB: Workshop 1 "Getting started - understand how to measure and monitor your carbon emissions" IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A THIRD WORKSHOP PLEASE REGISTER AND WE WILL ASSESS INTERESTWe all know we can make changes that will help mitigate the impact of human accelerated climate change, but where to start?  What to tackle first?  What will have the biggest impact? And how does it add value to your business? Understanding where your emissions come from and what produces the most carbon is a great place to start your climate action – you can then focus your reduction efforts where it will have the most impact. Workshop details The workshop will cover: Building the business case – why take action? Why measure ...

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The time for sustainability is now standard

By Adele Rose, 3R Group Chief Executive Working in sustainability can be frustrating sometimes. The problems can look too big, too embedded, changes take too long. But then again, we’re an optimistic lot – tough and resilient, with an eye on what could be, where the opportunities lie and how, with a good nudge, we could make the changes that will take us down a better path. Get a group of us in the same room and the energy and excitement for how business can lead us to this better future is palpable.  Sadly, the ‘nudge’ isn’t quite what any of us had in mind – a global pandemic. The scale of the human toll is undeniable, both from the effects of ...

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