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Lubricant Container Stewardship Programme standard

Around 4.5 million lubricant containers are discarded every year in New Zealand. Lubricant packaging is hazardous and problematic to recycle due to the residue left inside even when they’re empty. This makes the containers and drums difficult to handle and lowers their value as a useful recycled material. While a small percentage are recycled, the majority end up in landfill. New Zealand's leading lubricant manufacturers and distributors are working to change that. With 3R Group as project manager, together, we’ve formed a working group to develop a Lubricant Container Product Stewardship Programme to close the loop and make drums and containers a valuable circular resource. What we aim to do Maximise the number of lubricant containers diverted from landfill Maximise recovery and recycling by supporting development of end use ...

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Making the most of adaptive reuse standard

Featured speaker at SBN / 3R Business Connector event in September. Mention the word ‘upcycling’ and you’ll probably think about tired old furniture or discarded and otherwise useless items which have been spruced up, repurposed and given a new life. However, upcycling isn’t restricted to things you can hold in your hands – the idea can be applied to entire buildings. The FG Smiths building in Napier is a great example, with a once low-value warehouse having been transformed into a trendy and very usable space. The building was the venue for our third Sustainable Business Network (SBN) Regional Business Connector event. PMA Architects were the creative force behind the build, so it was fitting to have Associate Principal Ezra Kelly ...

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SBN Regional Business Connector Events standard

Building sustainable connections At 3R, we believe in the power of networking with other businesses, organisations and individuals to keep the sustainability discussion moving forward. We are holding a series of Sustainable Business Network Regional Business Connector events designed to bring together Hawke's Bay businesses, covering topics that are key to a more sustainable business environment and community. You can read more about these events below or, even better, if you'd like to join us, please email Adele. 06 Sept, '18 | Driving into the future Moving to a circular economy is underpinned by the use of renewable energy, with transport being a big part of this change. For our second event of the year we therefore put the spotlight on transport using renewable energy. ...

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20 years and still waiting… standard

By Darren Patterson In 1996 the OECD produced a report on the environmental performance of New Zealand. A review it carries out for all of its members every 10 years. In this report, amongst other things, it stated: “Waste management policies and programmes are hampered by a lack of reliable, comprehensive information on sources of waste and waste generation” and, “New Zealand lacks comprehensive legislation dealing specifically with both waste and hazardous waste” At the beginning of this century the Ministry for the Environment set about addressing these and other issues raised. They produced a series guidelines focusing on areas of waste management, culminating in the release of the New Zealand Waste Strategy in 2002; a strategy that set some ...

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Sustainability standard

Sustainability is what we do It almost goes without saying that we're committed to sustainability. Every day, we encourage Kiwis to take actions that will help us all "live well and within the limits of the planet" as outlined by Vision2050. And as a business, we work to make this a reality through our own actions. We aim to effect social change as we continue to deliver programmes and initiatives into 2018 and beyond, and will be measuring our environmental progress as we go. Our success is grounded in our twenty-two employees rigorously applying their own sustainability principles, in close cooperation with our customers, partners and shareholders. Climate Leaders Coalition We are proud to be one of over 80 New Zealand businesses which have joined ...

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Child car seat recycling a sign of the times standard

Just a few years ago there weren’t many people who would think it was possible to recycle a child car seat, much less have an option to actually do so. However, since the trial and official launch of the SeatSmart child car seat recycling programme over 8,000 seats have been diverted from landfill. The programme may seem rather niche in the greater recycling landscape but it’s a sign of things to come, when the majority of items coming into the household will have a pathway for reuse, repurposing or recycling. The increase in volume through SeatSmart over the last year is also an example of the dramatic change in how the public is starting to think and act in more ...

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