The Basics...

3R Group is a privately owned company started in 2004.

The main office is located in sunny Hawke’s Bay but we also have processing hubs in Auckland and Christchurch. We usually have around 20 staff.

From The Top

“3R Group is a vibrant young business with world class ideas in product stewardship. I am especially excited by the innovations around end use of materials and the potential to translate these ideas to markets beyond New Zealand. 3R is at the forefront of this new thinking.”

SIR STEPHEN TINDALL KNZM, Shareholder, 3R Group and Founder of K1W1

About the Board

A shared passion for innovation and sustainability brings 3R’s diverse group of directors together.  Each director brings a wealth of experience and a track record of success to the 3R table.  They’ve worked in industries as diverse as consumer goods, agriculture, logistics, financial services and law, as well as recycling and resource recovery.

Rather than perpetuating the myth that thinking green is anti-business and stifles economic growth, the board believe that changing how we view and use our resources is now essential to continued business prosperity.

They also believe, while appropriate legislation does have a role to play in the resource and environmental space, real leadership and action will come from those in the business sector who anticipate the changing landscape and respond to these opportunities. Naturally enough, these are the organisations that will gain most from engagement with 3R.

“Right from the outset, 3R has developed a formidable track record for ground breaking innovation in product stewardship design and delivery. We are trusted for our talent in bringing organisations and industries together to achieve meaningful outcomes, and for our determined management of the complexities inherent in programme development. 3R has substantial opportunity in front of it and talented people within. As the founder and cornerstone shareholder, I am justifiably proud of what we have achieved and excited about the opportunities which lie before us.”

GRAEME NORTON, 3R Group Board Chair

The Board

3R Board

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