Over the past year the team at 3R has spent some time rethinking what we do and how we do it.

We sought feedback from many of you, our customers and stakeholders, to find out what matters to you, and how we can best assist you and the wider community to achieve some really positive outcomes.

That process resulted in some exciting answers to our questions, while at the same time guiding us towards a new brand identity, free of jargon and full of possibility.

3R Group: combining imagination and science to repurpose waste. Simple.

We believe maximising the potential of resources and providing customer solutions for used products and packaging is a requirement for ALL business to stay competitive. Physical resources are simply too valuable to use once and then discard.

Our new website describes in more detail how we work and the results we can deliver. We’d love you to take a look and get in touch with any feedback or ideas for opportunities.

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