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3R works with businesses, industry groups, regional authorities and government on a range of activity relating to waste reduction, resource recovery and behaviour change.

Providing solutions for end of life products and packaging, whatever the industry, is definitely not a one-size fits all process.

Motivation and required outcomes are as varied as the parties we work with, even within the same industry.

Identifying those different needs and working together to find the best solution is what we do better than anyone else.

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waste =


What opportunities does your waste offer your business?

Saving resources and money?

Helping your customers?

Mitigating environmental harm?


Who needs to be involved?

Your staff, suppliers and customers?

What do legislators want or require?

Do consumers and ratepayers have requirements?

What input can we offer?


Have we understood what is required?

What technology already exists?

Do we need a new solution?



What resources are required?

Does it work in the real world?

What are the unknown factors?


Is it reliable and realistic?

Have we asked the right questions?

Have we got the right partners/suppliers?


Can it be more efficient, or more effective?

What else did we learn?

Are we ready to scale up?



Does it meet relevant legislation, market standards, accreditation criteria, international protocols?



Does it provide resource efficiency, credibility, a unique selling point, new product potential or access to new markets?



Will it reduce waste or emissions?

Decrease our dependence on raw materials?

Increase market development or create new product and employment opportunities?

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