We’re proud to announce the arrival of our latest plastic processing unit, affectionately known as “The Granulator”. (Say it like Arnie would…)

3R has been innovating in the area of mobile processing vehicles ever since we started back in 2004 with our paint processing trucks (winner of a Green Ribbon Award) and a mobile plastic shredding truck which has covered the Agrecovery run since 2007.

The Granulator applies the best of our learnings of the past ten years with a range of features designed to maximise efficiency and throughput.

  • Trailer mounted, meaning that it can be towed by any suitable truck without affecting the truck’s load capacity.
  • Self-powered using a diesel genset, so can operate while the truck unhitches to go and do other work.
  • Plastic is granulated through a Rapid unit and blown through a flexible hose into one-tonne bulk bags. We can collect different grades of plastic in one load, keeping them separate just by changing the bag.

To give you an idea of the transport efficiency of granulated plastic, more than 7,000 20 litre ag-chem containers (four full 40ft shipping containers) can be carried in one truck-load after being granulated.

Watch “The Granulator” in action at one of the Agrecovery Container collection sites:

If you have plastic that you think can help feed the machine, please get in touch. Recycling with us is generally as cost effective as landfill but with a much better outcome!