Are you a local council looking for a more affordable and efficient way to run hazardous household waste collection events?

Operated by 3R Group’s ChemCollect, MyHazWaste runs one-off or regular events for the safe disposal of hazardous household waste in association with local councils. MyHazWaste events provide a smart solution to bring about long-term behaviour change by educating the public on existing recycling or disposal solutions and encouraging them to safely dispose of the remainder with ChemCollect. It also helps budgeting and planning by providing an online booking system to track or limit the volume of waste expected at the event.

For more information call 0508 CHEMICAL or email us.

A MyHazWaste pop-up event will:

  • Educate residents
  • Enable accurate budgeting
  • Create operational efficiencies
  • Minimise health & safety risks
  • Save money

Looking to register your chemicals for a local MyHazWaste event? Go to

Best practice disposal

We use best practice collection and disposal methods in accordance with all applicable regulations.  As well as helping businesses and individuals avoid environmental harm through unsafe disposal, our services also assist New Zealand to meet its obligations under the Stockholm Convention for the elimination and disposal of persistent organic pollutants.













Let 3R Group take the pain out of household chemical disposal

Ensuring safe disposal of household chemical waste is a specialist operation. The My Hazwaste service allows councils to bring in our expertise for one off or regular events. Let our team take care of the set up, event management and disposal for you, rest assured they will be carried out to our stringent safety standards.

10+ years of experience in chemical collection

Fully qualified staff

Best practice operation

For more information call 0508 CHEMICAL or email us.

Making a difference in more ways than one

At 3R, we are passionate about preserving New Zealand’s natural environment. We are a carboNZero business which means that we offset any carbon emissions created by the work we do. And with ChemCollect, we’ve taken this care for the environment to the next level.

Our charity of choice is Million Metres, who are just as passionate about protecting fresh water ecosystems as we are. We make regular donations to Million Metres Stream Projects, further supporting the protection and restoration of NZ’s waterways.

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