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Collaboration required on tyre solution standard

New Zealand’s track record with end-of-life tyres is littered with good intentions, dubious science and failed investments. While some businesses are safely recycling tyres, these are the exception rather than the rule. A more common outcome has been abandoned stockpiles of tyres that councils and ratepayers are forced to pay millions to tidy up. It’s a big issue: approximately 5 million tyres reach the end of their useful life each year in New Zealand but less than 30% are being recycled. This is in stark contrast to other countries such as Canada, where they have been recycling tyres for 25 years and achieving diversion rates of over 90%. So why are we failing to achieve these results here? Our observations ...

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3R e-news Nov 14: Today’s word is opportunity image

Opportunity seems to be the one word that describes what’s happening in and around 3R at present – people aren’t waiting for things to happen, they’re making things happen. It’s a positive change and it’s great to see. We’d love you to read about what the team at 3R is up to, and of course don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help you discover an opportunity of your own! Read the November e-news 

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Let’s not wait… standard

At the end of October I had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Rubber Recycling Symposium in Montreal in October. The theme of the symposium was “Driving Innovation to Drive Markets” and it brought together tyre makers, recyclers and programme managers from North America as well as guests from Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and Africa. The conference celebrated the achievements made in virtually clearing legacy stockpiles in North America and their high rates of recycling current end-of-life tyres, as well as shared lessons learned.  Also, for the first time, tyre designers and recyclers were talking with each other about the changing makeup of tyres, how this will impact on recycling options and how to collaborate across the value chain. A consistent theme was ...

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Waste Tyres Economic Research image

3R has partnered with KPMG to deliver a project for the Ministry for the Environment, building on the Tyrewise reports to recommend an investment strategy for on-shore end-of-life tyre (ELT) processing. It will cover an update on the waste tyre situation, a cost benefit analysis, barriers to greater resource efficiency for waste tyres in New Zealand, and analysis of intervention options. In KPMG’s words, 3R brings “invaluable experience and a significant network of contacts through the recent Tyrewise project”. The project commences this month with the final report due in February 2015. Those involved in the industry will be contacted as part of the project, or for more information email Gareth.

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