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Kick starting the Circular Economy standard

This is the third article in a series about councils and the circular economy. In the previous two, I challenged cites (and districts) as to who would be the first to embrace the circular economy and where they could find the funds to do this. Typically, councils in New Zealand only manage around 30% of the waste stream and that tends to be waste produced by householders. The vast majority of waste is produced and managed by the private sector, so it’s tricky for councils to directly influence these waste producers. However, there are still plenty of ways that councils can help to reduce waste within their district and encourage a shift towards a circular economy. This article highlights a ...

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Video – helping New Zealand reach zero waste by 2050 standard

We were delighted to be asked by BusinessNZ to be part of a series of videos showcasing New Zealand businesses who are making a difference. In our case, it’s all about helping New Zealand reach zero waste by 2050. We’re in good company in making this video with BusinessNZ – other companies featured are Waikato Milking Systems, Mercury and Orion Health. We’re proud to be part of the Sustainable Business Council.

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Circular Economy – which city will be first? standard

If the government was to say that waste was the focus of a new fiscal policy, many would rubbish the comments. But what if looking at waste in a new way could create jobs, reduce our trade deficit, and improve our environment? Well, that’s exactly the point of a circular economy. The term “circular economy” has been around for quite some time now, particular in the waste and resource recovery sectors but for many it’s still a foreign concept. For those unfamiliar with it, the basic principal of a circular economy is that used products and materials can be introduced back into the system to become the resources for new products and services. This improves the way we use our ...

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“Redefine” is back! standard

Redefine – love your op shop is back for another year, encouraging us to take a fresh look at our op shops and the creative wealth they hold. The Presbyterian Support East Coast event promotes shopping at op shops and the repurposing of old items in order to minimise waste. As a company which focuses on finding solutions for end-of-life products, we are excited to be sponsoring again this year. Shirley Collins, PSEC’s Fundraising, Communication and Marketing Manager says, “Being mindful of waste and repurposing ‘pre-loved’ items – as opposed to buying new all the time – is a strong trend world-wide. Redefine maximises on this trend by encouraging people to not only get creative, but support charity shops at ...

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Redefine – love your op shop standard

Posted by Jason Richards 3R were proud sponsors of the Redefine – love your op shop event held at East Pier this last weekend. I was one of seven judges that judged all the categories. The overall level of entries were very impressive. The time and effort that some people applied was outstanding. The winner of the “Surprise Us”, section which 3R sponsored was a necklace made from old jig-saw pieces, Next year they are planning to hold the event again, but on a National level, so put your thinking cap on! Photos below courtesy Presbyterian Support East Coast.

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