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3R has partnered with KPMG to deliver a project for the Ministry for the Environment, building on the Tyrewise reports to recommend an investment strategy for on-shore end-of-life tyre (ELT) processing. It will cover an update on the waste tyre situation, a cost benefit analysis, barriers to greater resource efficiency for waste tyres in New Zealand, and analysis of intervention options. In KPMG’s words, 3R brings “invaluable experience and a significant network of contacts through the recent Tyrewise project”. The project commences this month with the final report due in February 2015. Those involved in the industry will be contacted as part of the project, or for more information email Gareth.

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3R e-news Oct 14: New look, fresh perspective image

Over the past year the team at 3R has spent some time rethinking what we do and how we do it. We sought feedback from many of you, our customers and stakeholders, to find out what matters to you, and how we can best assist you and the wider community to achieve some really positive outcomes. That process resulted in some exciting answers to our questions, while at the same time guiding us towards a new brand identity, free of jargon and full of possibility. 3R Group: combining imagination and science to repurpose waste. Simple. We believe maximising the potential of resources and providing customer solutions for used products and packaging is a requirement for ALL business to stay competitive. ...

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It takes a village to raise a family… standard

By the same token, it takes Business, Central and Local Government to effectively collaborate! It was fantastic to read the LGNZ Manifesto 2014: Our Seven Strategic Policy Priorities recently released by Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ). In it, LGNZ recognises the importance of sector-led policy on important issues for effective management of natural capital (priority #6). It also carries a very explicit reference to declaration of priority product under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 – requiring all importers of electronic equipment to sign up to a product stewardship scheme for e-Waste at the point of manufacturer, assembly, or entry to New Zealand. 3R recently enjoyed LGNZ support during two projects: 1) the development of a nationwide end-of-life tyre stewardship programme; and ...

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SBC Pre-election Briefing 2014 standard

The Sustainable Business Council has just published its Pre-election Briefing 2014: Business lifting the ceiling, government raising the floor. The briefing contains SBC’s recommendations on: Growing exports while improving environmental quality Moving to a low carbon economy Getting pricing that reflects the value of resources Schemes for product stewardship and waste diversion Sustainable freight and transport More certainty on climate change policy One of the aims of SBC is to participate in policy development to create a framework that allows business to contribute effectively to sustainable development. They are currently working hard to build a greater understanding about the resources business can apply to a government that is interested in collaborating together to bring about change. In 2010 the Government’s ...

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I noted with interest an article in the New Zealand Herald last week citing a new survey that shows more than half of car tyre purchasers would be prepared to pay a levy to assist in the environmentally friendly disposal of tyres. (The survey did also say that one in five would rather spend their cash on a nice set of shoes or gadget than a quality set of tyres. A somewhat more worrying statistic.) This survey supports other research which indicates that New Zealanders are keen to support good disposal practices for products at the end of their useful life. 3R have been heavily involved with Tyrewise, an initiative set up to develop a programme to manage the 3.9 ...

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Graeme Norton of 3R Group is applauding Environment Minister Amy Adams for elevating discussions regarding how New Zealand can improve management of problematic waste. A consultation document released today seeks feedback on whether intervention is required to improve outcomes for four waste streams – electrical equipment, tyres, agrichemicals and farm plastics, and refrigerants and other greenhouse gases. Each has been identified as having particularly high potential for environmental harm, combined with insufficient recycling or disposal options currently available. Norton has first-hand experience in three of the four waste streams under discussion and was involved in research related to passing of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 (WMA). This provides a framework for implementing product stewardship at a nationwide level, a likely ...

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