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3R e-news July 15: Finding solutions image

Finding solutions It seems the issues of waste minimisation and product stewardship are continuing to gain traction in mainstream media, for both good and bad reasons! On the good side, 3R were delighted to feature in the Idealog magazine (Sitting Pretty) and on the Idealog website (Eco friendly ‘product stewardship’ makes dollars and sense) in June and July. On the lesser side, tyre disposal continues to cause angst in regions where stockpiles are cropping up. When you are well-informed about an issue it’s always interesting to see how it’s portrayed in the media and often how hard it is to get the full story. Stay warm in this cold weather and please don’t hesitate to make contact if we can ...

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3R e-news Mar 15: New faces in the 3R tent image

New faces and new opportunities I think you’ll agree that the first quarter of 2015 has flown by in typical fashion. Luckily we’re looking ahead – we’ve been working on our plan to equip 3R for growth through to 2020. (Did you know that’s now only one election away?) As part of delivering on that growth strategy, we’ve formed two new strategic alliances. You can see who’s joined the 3R team below, plus we’ve got news for you on our recent CEMARS certification, our exciting new mattress recycling initiative, and the upcoming WasteMINZ RoundUp. Read the March e-news 

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