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3R – e-news Oct17 – Finding the perfect balance image

Spring has most definitely arrived in the Bay with new growth springing up everywhere, Tuis dining out on kowhai blossoms and temperatures already reaching the mid-20’s. Here at 3R, we’ve been working on that perfect balance between growth and reduction – growing in terms of new faces, new connections and new opportunities, while always seeking out reductions in our carbon emissions through our carboNZero™ certification. This newsletter covers: Fresh faces – we welcome three new staff members Championing a clear solution – 3R appointed scheme managers for the Glass Packaging Forum Connecting the Bay – our SBN Regional Business Connector series Continued commitment to carboNZero Mattresses hit the front page Read the full newsletter

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Mattresses ready to Rebound standard

The Rebound mattress recycling scheme was featured in Revolve magazine recently. Mattresses account for around 8,100 tonnes of landfill waste, even though up to 90 per cent of mattress materials can be recycled. However, there is a growing will to do something about the problem. “With everyone being more and more conscious of our environment, we think our customers will embrace this programme.” – Big Save Furniture director Lily Salter Read the full article

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Idealog feature: 3R Group standard

3R’s Chief Executive, Adele Rose, speaks to Idealog about what’s involved setting up schemes such as Rebound Mattress Recycling, how to sell social responsibility to corporates, and the importance of partnerships when it comes to making big plans reality. “One area we’ve started to push into is resource audits for business, particularly those businesses that don’t have sustainability people in place. We help go through some behaviour-change work but also help businesses identify the savings that they can make just with simple things, like diversion from landfill.” Read the full article 

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Fresh bounce for old mattresses image

Posted by Duncan Scotland When someone says they’re putting out the recycling, you normally picture drink bottles and old newspapers. All these items fit easily into a recycling bin and are dispatched without a second thought. ‘Job done’ you might think, I’ve done my bit to save the world. However these everyday items only represent the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we could (and should) be recycling rather than sending to landfill. At 3R we tend to focus on the bulk of the iceberg, the largest part, mostly unseen – these are the complex or hazardous items that don’t have existing solutions and represent the greatest threat or a wasted resource. And right now our attention is on ...

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3R e-news July 15: Finding solutions image

Finding solutions It seems the issues of waste minimisation and product stewardship are continuing to gain traction in mainstream media, for both good and bad reasons! On the good side, 3R were delighted to feature in the Idealog magazine (Sitting Pretty) and on the Idealog website (Eco friendly ‘product stewardship’ makes dollars and sense) in June and July. On the lesser side, tyre disposal continues to cause angst in regions where stockpiles are cropping up. When you are well-informed about an issue it’s always interesting to see how it’s portrayed in the media and often how hard it is to get the full story. Stay warm in this cold weather and please don’t hesitate to make contact if we can ...

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3R e-news Mar 15: New faces in the 3R tent image

New faces and new opportunities I think you’ll agree that the first quarter of 2015 has flown by in typical fashion. Luckily we’re looking ahead – we’ve been working on our plan to equip 3R for growth through to 2020. (Did you know that’s now only one election away?) As part of delivering on that growth strategy, we’ve formed two new strategic alliances. You can see who’s joined the 3R team below, plus we’ve got news for you on our recent CEMARS certification, our exciting new mattress recycling initiative, and the upcoming WasteMINZ RoundUp. Read the March e-news 

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