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Car bumper collection trial wraps up in Christchurch standard

A trial collection of car bumpers has diverted over 1 tonne of plastic from landfill in a 4-week period. The trial, held in Christchurch during March and April, was conducted by 3R Group in partnership with the Motor Trade Association (MTA), with six of their affiliated collision repair workshops taking part. 3R General Manager Innovation Trevor Tutt says the trial, which collected 273 bumpers, was successful in demonstrating the logistics around the collections are feasible. The collected bumpers were granulated, with the material to be used for further research into outflow solutions. This also involved some of the material going to recyclers and plastic manufacturers, Trevor says. The majority of bumpers found on passenger vehicles in New Zealand are made ...

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Trial aims to kick car bumper waste to the curb standard

The practice of sending hundreds of thousands of car bumpers to the dump may become a thing of the past in New Zealand, with work underway to start a recycling programme. 3R began a car bumper collection trial in Christchurch this month with the aim of creating an ongoing recycling programme. For the trial they joined forces with the Motor Trade Association (MTA), with six MTA-affiliated collision repair workshops in Christchurch taking part. The majority of bumpers found on passenger vehicles in New Zealand are made of the recyclable plastic polypropylene (PP), the same material used to make a myriad of everyday items like clothing pegs, chairs and food containers. In 2016 more than 77,000 bumpers were imported to replace ...

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Not your everyday recycling standard

When the National Aquarium of New Zealand upgraded their filter system, they turned to local experts 3R Group to recycle 40 cubic metres of obsolete plastic. “We’ve moved from plastic bio-balls, which provide a habitat for the good bacteria that cleanse waste from the water of the Oceanarium, to a sand-based system,” explains Aquarium Manager Rob Yarrall. “The sand gives us a better result however it did leave us with a bit of a disposal problem.” The Aquarium also delivers the Napier District Council Waste Aware programme in schools, so wanted to avoid landfill if possible. “We’re very aware of the consequences of plastic making its way into our oceans, plus we wanted to practice what we preach to kids ...

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Feed the Machine! image

We’re proud to announce the arrival of our latest plastic processing unit, affectionately known as “The Granulator”. (Say it like Arnie would…) 3R has been innovating in the area of mobile processing vehicles ever since we started back in 2004 with our paint processing trucks (winner of a Green Ribbon Award) and a mobile plastic shredding truck which has covered the Agrecovery run since 2007. The Granulator applies the best of our learnings of the past ten years with a range of features designed to maximise efficiency and throughput. Trailer mounted, meaning that it can be towed by any suitable truck without affecting the truck’s load capacity. Self-powered using a diesel genset, so can operate while the truck unhitches to ...

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