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NZ’s big green, carbon eating machine (not trees) standard

Farming is often viewed as the cause of many environmental issues in New Zealand, but it also holds the key to making serious inroads in the fight against climate change, here and abroad. Stepping onto Mangarara Station in Central Hawke’s Bay it’s clear there is something different going on. Paddocks are dotted with trees, there is evidence of native shrub and tree planting all around, cattle numbers and the time they spend in paddocks is carefully managed and farm owner Greg Hart whips around on an electric side-by-side. Staff from 3R Group were recently at the farm to help lay wool around trees we had planted two years prior, and it’s clear it’s a farm with sustainability at its core. ...

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Cleaner looking beach still needs a clean-up standard

With such regular news stories about the huge issue of plastic in the ocean it’s refreshing to find a beach in Hawke’s Bay looking relatively clean. Staff from 3R, Wilsigns and Hawke’s Bay Technologies took to the shoreline at Haumoana for 3R’s first biannual beach clean-up of the year, on May 24. This was the second time 3R and some of its suppliers had combed this section of beach and the volume of rubbish was notably less than the clean-up in October last year when around 200kg-worth was collected. However, the 12 of us still managed to fill a small trailer with two tyres – one being a truck tyre – old garden furniture, scrap metal and a variety of ...

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Annual beach clean-up standard

What would you expect to find on a beach? Sand, rocks, some seaweed and the smell of fresh, salty air? Sadly this isn’t always the case with beaches around New Zealand harbouring all manner of rubbish. 3R did our bit to help improve the situation by holding our annual beach clean-up on October 5. This year the stretch of coast from the mouth of the Tukituki river, near Haumoana, south to the end of the township was chosen. Four groups – made up of staff as well as some of our local suppliers and stakeholders – took to the beach armed with clipboards, plastic bags, gloves and a willingness to get their hands dirty. A little over an hour later ...

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“Good Friday” leave helps HB athletics standard

Since its inception, 3R has been committed to support our staff and local community. It’s a credit to the original owners of 3R that they put in place a key “Good Friday” policy which continues to this day. This policy enables staff to take extra paid time off for charitable work or professional development. It is designed to promote education, self-development, community interest and the development of deeper understanding of sustainability issues by providing flexibility to pursue such activities. Over 800 hours of paid leave are available to our staff each year. Finance Manager Neville Smith uses Good Friday leave to provide accounting support for various sports clubs in Hawke’s Bay. Ex-NZ steeplechase champion Neville is also a trustee of ...

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