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A golden opportunity ripe for the taking standard

By Dominic Salmon, 3R Group Business Development – Sustainable Solutions Did you know New Zealand households throw away some 157,000 tonnes of food each year? That’s enough avoidable food waste to fill 271 jumbo jets and is worth somewhere in the region of $1.17 billion. This doesn’t include the food waste generated outside the home through the production cycle. According to World Wildlife Fund, humans waste one of every three food calories produced worldwide.  As one of the major horticultural areas in New Zealand this is a particularly relevant issue in Hawke’s Bay. There was a common refrain at our dinner table along the lines of, “there are starving children in Africa, don’t waste your food”. And while this is ...

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Finding the sustainable packaging sweet spot standard

The third in a series written for NZ Food Technology. By Natalie Martin, 3R Group Materials Innovation Manager Sustainable packaging has become something of a hot topic recently, but as designers will know it’s more than just about ensuring packaging can be recycled, composted or reused. Packaging often serves a vital function as the first, and sometimes only, line of defense against food becoming contaminated or spoiled. This means it’s not only about food safety but food waste too. Designers and packaging technologists must therefore balance food safety and wastage with the sustainability of the packaging. And, in a world where convenience is king, products are often shipped worldwide, and the demand for a long shelf is high, it’s no ...

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Changing our attitude to plastic standard

by Natalie Martin, 3R Materials Innovation Manager Plastic gets a bad rep; the big bad villain that is slowly choking the world. Its effects on the environment are undeniable, but plastic didn’t put itself in the oceans for turtles to eat, or in the forests to smother wildlife. That dubious honour goes to us humans. We are the ones who invented something which is cheap to make, durable and very long lasting, but then started using it everywhere with limited thought around its disposal. As discussed in my previous article, there are many different types of plastic – all with different properties and applications. But the trifecta of “cheap, durable and long lasting” is generally true for them all. The ...

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A sustainable partnership for zero waste standard

The NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards 2017 were once again a great event to be involved with, and we were proud to be an Event Partner for the second year running. The black-tie event, held at Auckland’s waterfront on November 29, featured the heavy hitters of New Zealand’s sustainable business world – from large corporates to small enterprises making a big difference. It was particularly significant to see Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as well as Climate Change Minister James Shaw, Environment and Economic Development Minister David Parker and Napier MP Stuart Nash turn out for the awards. It was the first time in a decade a Prime Minister has attended the event. Much has been said in the new Government’s ...

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Waste not, want not standard

Featured speaker at SBN / 3R Business Connector event in June. When it comes to minimising food waste we can all do our part; shop smart, only cook as much as you need and eat leftovers, among other things. But Havelock North women Christina McBeth and Louise Saurin (featured here with their key team of volunteers) have taken things to the next level with their food rescue charity Nourished for Nil. Thanks to their work, cafes, bakeries, supermarkets and private residents get to make better use of their unwanted food, while hundreds of people get help through donations of food each day. Christina and Louise started the charity in February after meeting – as one does these days – on ...

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Weighty issue of food waste standard

Food is one of our biggest expenses, but every year we literally throw away $872 million worth. This tips the scales at more than 122,500 tonnes. That’s enough to feed almost 263,000 people. Hawke’s Bay is no different, with our food waste bill coming in at nearly $33m – $563 per household. It’s not just the food itself that goes to waste. Consider the energy used to produce and transport it. A huge amount of water goes into food production too. A cheeseburger, for example, takes about 2,400 litres of water to make. Food for thought indeed. It’s not all gloom though because the Love Food Hate Waste campaign is working to make a difference. On its website you can ...

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