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Design – the genesis of a circular economy standard

By Dominic Salmon, 3R Group Business Development – Sustainable Solutions I’ll hazard a guess that the last time a kettle, toaster or other electrical appliance in your house broke, you thought to yourself this should be repairable. However, I’m fairly sure you couldn’t easily get it repaired or the repair was going to cost the same or more than a new model. ‘Right to repair’ – it’s a term you’ll hear more and more in the coming months and years.  In Australia, the Productivity Commission recently released a draft report on the Right to Repair, looking at consumers’ ability to repair faulty goods and to access repair services at a competitive price. The EU passed the right to repair into ...

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Game-changing Government announcement in the war on waste standard

MEDIA RELEASE: New Zealand has one of the worst records on waste in the OECD but that’s all about to change, says industry expert Adele Rose. Today (29 July), the Associate Minister for the Environment, Eugenie Sage, declared six product categories ‘priority products’, changing how we will manage our most problematic waste streams, says Adele, Chief Executive of sustainability specialists 3R Group. “Single-use plastic packaging, tyres, e-waste, synthetic refrigerant gases, agricultural plastics and agrichemicals have all been singled out for the harm the Government considers they cause in the environment when their disposal is not properly managed.” According to Adele, this is the single biggest announcement in terms of waste reduction and resource recovery in New Zealand history. “The announcement ...

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The time for sustainability is now standard

By Adele Rose, 3R Group Chief Executive Working in sustainability can be frustrating sometimes. The problems can look too big, too embedded, changes take too long. But then again, we’re an optimistic lot – tough and resilient, with an eye on what could be, where the opportunities lie and how, with a good nudge, we could make the changes that will take us down a better path. Get a group of us in the same room and the energy and excitement for how business can lead us to this better future is palpable.  Sadly, the ‘nudge’ isn’t quite what any of us had in mind – a global pandemic. The scale of the human toll is undeniable, both from the effects of ...

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