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Carbon credits in a nutshell standard

What is a carbon credit? What makes for a credible carbon credit and how does it all work? The concept of carbon credits is relatively new to the industrialised world. The first time it was seen was in the United States at the end of the 1980s with the cap and trade system. This allowed companies to produce a set amount of carbon emissions. If they exceeded their cap they had to buy credits to offset their emission overdraft, but if they didn’t they could sell their excess to other companies. However, the cap and trade system was viewed by some as simply a way of ‘paying to pollute’. Enviro-Mark Solutions senior advisor Stu McKenzie says that while carbon credits ...

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3R – e-news Oct17 – Finding the perfect balance image

Spring has most definitely arrived in the Bay with new growth springing up everywhere, Tuis dining out on kowhai blossoms and temperatures already reaching the mid-20’s. Here at 3R, we’ve been working on that perfect balance between growth and reduction – growing in terms of new faces, new connections and new opportunities, while always seeking out reductions in our carbon emissions through our carboNZero™ certification. This newsletter covers: Fresh faces – we welcome three new staff members Championing a clear solution – 3R appointed scheme managers for the Glass Packaging Forum Connecting the Bay – our SBN Regional Business Connector series Continued commitment to carboNZero Mattresses hit the front page Read the full newsletter

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