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Posted by Duncan Scotland When someone says they’re putting out the recycling, you normally picture drink bottles and old newspapers. All these items fit easily into a recycling bin and are dispatched without a second thought. ‘Job done’ you might think, I’ve done my bit to save the world. However these everyday items only represent the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we could (and should) be recycling rather than sending to landfill. At 3R we tend to focus on the bulk of the iceberg, the largest part, mostly unseen – these are the complex or hazardous items that don’t have existing solutions and represent the greatest threat or a wasted resource. And right now our attention is on ...

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On the road with MP Jo Hayes image

In July 3R Group hosted MP Jo Hayes (National list MP) as part of a three day Business Study Programme through the NZ Business and Parliament Trust. The aim of the Trust is to foster better understanding of kiwi businesses for MP’s and to help business better understand and engage with government. 3R is the smallest and only regional company to belong to the NZ Business and Parliament Trust with a unique focus on waste to resource. Jo answered a few questions for us on her study visit which took in 3R’s business operations in Hastings, Auckland and Christchurch. What were your initial impressions of 3R? On arrival I was met by the CEO Adele Rose at the Hastings Head ...

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A three pronged approach image

The future of product stewardship in New Zealand as I see it is a place where stewardship is the norm, not the exception; where end-of-life considerations for the impacts on human and environmental harm sit at the beginning of the design process, not at the end of the supply chain; where industry leads and government supports; and where level playing fields are created by legislation when required. Where consumers reward stewardship with their purchasing power; and where economic and environmental benefit are two sides of the same coin. Given that we currently lag behind so many in the Americas, Europe and Australia it may seem that we’re looking too far forward but we are seeing the tipping point getting closer. ...

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Banned pesticides get free muster thanks to 3R project image

3R Group has secured funding to support a nationwide collection to rid New Zealand of banned pesticides known to be stored on rural properties despite being phased out decades ago. ‘The Great DDT Muster’ gives farmers and growers a free and confidential chance to register banned persistent organic pollutants (POPs) for safe collection and disposal. 3R decided to seek funding for this project following our long-term involvement with agrichemicals through our management of the Agrecovery Rural Recycling programme and the Agrichemicals Review led by 3R in 2012. POPs were used in many insecticide and sheep dip products sold in New Zealand from the 1940’s to the 1970’s, before being replaced by safer alternatives and finally banned in 2004. DDT was ...

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