The Ministry for the Environment released the consultation document for New Zealand’s future waste strategy and options for new waste legislation, Taking responsibility for our waste

This outlines the Government’s proposed strategy to turn around NZ’s poor record on waste and includes proposed legislation to support a new way of managing waste and embedding a regenerative approach. 

It will change how we do business.  Are you ready?

Why these proposed changes?

New Zealand is one of the highest generators of waste per person in the world.  Each of us sends approximately 750kg of waste to landfill each year – much of it materials that could be recycled, composted or reused. Waste also contributes around 9% of biogenic methane emissions in New Zealand and 4% of our total greenhouse gas emissions. 

We all know we can do better but is their strategy the right one? And how will it affect you, personally and as a business?  Is it on your business’ risk register?

If you produce a product that is not yet stewarded, the writing is on the wall.  Right to repair, mandatory product stewardship, circular economy principles – these are all part of the proposed changes as outlined by Minister Parker.

We can help make sense of it all

We’ve been working closely with Government and industry over a long period to ensure the result of regulated product stewardship is practical, and has real world solutions that are visionary enough to leave our children with a regenerated environment.

Already working with us?
We’ll be working with our existing customers to represent their views individually and collectively in this consultation to ensure the right outcomes.

Just getting started?
If you are wanting to take responsibility for the environmental impacts of your products but aren’t sure what these proposals mean for you, please get in touch.  As the experts in product stewardship in New Zealand, we can help you make sense of it all.

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