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Thank You – ChemCollect Booking standard

Thank you for registering your chemicals with ChemCollect   We'll be in touch within 5 working days to discuss your booking. Thanks Jason Richards National Programme Manager - Chemicals   Any chemicals within this request for quotation are in your ownership until such time as the quotation is accepted and paid in full, and they are collected by 3R Group. 3R Group will contact you regarding the collection of your unwanted chemicals and these shall not be delivered to any location without written authorisation. Neither this nor the confirmation email to follow constitute acceptance of this request for quote or any obligation by 3R ...

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ChemCollect standard

ChemCollect - chemical collection and disposal services We provide a comprehensive chemical collection and disposal service for a wide range of industries.  Whether your chemicals are industrial, agricultural or household, our ChemCollect service has got you covered: Industrial users & manufacturers Importers & distributors Retailers & vet clinics Hospitals, schools & laboratories Councils, contractors & service providers Households and anyone else wishing to dispose of chemicals Get in touch if you have: Unsold or expired stock Obsolete, banned or unusable products Industrial chemical waste or by-products Unknown liquids or powders Chemicals Sprays, paints or solvents Hazardous materials Ph 0508 374 768 or get a quote MyHazWaste Are you a local council looking for a more affordable and efficient way to run hazardous household waste collection events? Operated by 3R Group’s ChemCollect, MyHazWaste runs one-off or regular events for the ...

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Chemical collection service helps add to Million Metres planting standard

Six months worth of work by 3R Group’s ChemCollect service has not only meant some 8.8 tonnes of chemicals have been properly collected and disposed of, but a Central Hawke’s Bay stream restoration project has benefited too. 3R has committed to donate $200 for every tonne of material collected by ChemCollect to a Million Metres Streams project, every six months. The third donation to date saw over $1700 go to a project aimed at restoring 1km of a tributary of the Porangahau river – paying for some 60 metres of planting. The project is being run by landowners, the Clark’s, a fifth generation family farming ‘Airlie’ at Wanstead. Sam Clark and his wife Cookie recently took over the 450ha farm and have been working ...

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Taking a stand on climate change standard

3R Group has signed up to the Climate Leaders Coalition, joining a group of businesses dedicated to “forging a path to create a future that is low-emission, positive for our businesses and economy, and inclusive for all New Zealanders”. (CEO Climate Change Statement) This commits us to: measure our greenhouse gas emissions and publicly report on them set a public emissions reduction target consistent with keeping within 2° of warming work with our suppliers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions Even though we are only a small business with a turnover of less than $5M pa and 26 staff working nationally we believe our role is to lead the way for other SMEs. While we are among giants of industry, ...

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New service with twice the chemical kick standard

A new chemical collection service has not only seen Palmerston North residents safely dispose of over 800kg of unwanted chemicals for free, but also helped educate them around hazardous waste. The MyHazWaste service, run by chemical collection experts 3R Group, held its first event in Palmerston North on June 16. The council-funded event gave residents the chance to safely dispose of household, garden, garage and pool chemicals for free. 3R Group ChemCollect general manager Jason Richards said the event was designed to improve upon traditional hazmobile events. “We used an evolved collection model which allows for a controlled collection methodology, accurate data collection and increased public education.” This ensured only substances which have no disposal pathways were collected, he said. ...

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Second sweep of The Great DDT Muster gathers pace standard

The Great DDT is gaining momentum as farmers turn over tonnes of their unwanted chemicals for safe disposal. The programme has so far collected some 17 tonnes of banned persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and other chemicals from properties in Northland to Invercargill. The past months have seen some unusual collections too, with a massive 2.3 tonnes of DDT found at one property, while another required staff to crack open an old safe to reach the POPs stored inside. The Muster, which is being run by the 3R Group, is in its second round of collections, having initially started in 2015. It is set to move down through Waikato and the lower North Island, and then onto the Mainland in the ...

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