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Waste is an opportunity

Finding the sustainable packaging sweet spot

The third in a series written for NZ Food Technology. By Natalie Martin, 3R Group Materials Innovation Manager Sustainable packaging has become something of a hot topic recently, but as designers will know it’s more than just about ensuring packaging can be recycled, composted or reused. Packaging often serves a vital function as the first, […]

The time for your business to tackle plastic is now

Government is tackling the issue of plastic waste with a two-pronged approach – regulated stewardship, and proposed phase-outs and bans.

Hawke’s Bay could lead the way in low-carbon transport

With the rise of low-carbon transport like EVs and the humble bicycle, there are options which not only benefit the planet but your health and wallet.

Plastic packaging regulation is coming, are you ready?

The way New Zealand deals with single-use plastic packaging is set to undergo a monumental shift, affecting everyone along its supply chain.

How the cost of waste will change New Zealand for the better

NZ is one of the cheapest places in the western world to dispose of rubbish, and we generate the fourth highest amount of waste per person in the OECD

Paint and packaging industry get around the stewardship table

By Trevor Tutt – 3R Group GM Innovation New Zealand’s paint industry is the latest to move forward with creating an industry-led product stewardship scheme. An all-of-industry working group has recently been formed to create a pathway for unwanted and unused paint and its packaging to be recovered.  The co-designed, regulated stewardship scheme will collect […]

Climate Action HB workshop success highlights sustainability focus

The first Climate Action Hawke’s Bay workshop, aimed at helping businesses begin their sustainability journeys, has gained overwhelmingly positive feedback, with more planned. The workshop was hosted by sustainability experts 3R Group on August 27 and 31 in Napier, with 23 organisations attending. These ranged in size from SME’s to large corporates and represented a […]

Child car seat recycling now in Central Otago

Damaged or expired child car seats don’t need to go to the tip in Central Otago now the SeatSmart programme has launched in the district. The Central Otago District Council has also come on board by offering a subsidy to encourage residents to make the most of this recycling programme and reduce the amount of […]

Dismantle a child car seat – how hard can it be?

by Toni Bye, SeatSmart Programme Manager The day ended with defeat. No screwdriver, hammer, saw or even angle grinder could help us dismantle the final part of this child car seat for recycling. What its function was exactly I couldn’t tell you – only that it seemed to take batteries. Maybe it was intended to […]

Child car seat recycling helps lift youth employment

MEDIA RELEASE: Dismantling child car seats isn’t the first thing which comes to mind when finding work experience, but a group of young men and women from LIFT Youth Employment have been taking it in their stride. Between them, the Hawke’s Bay youths spent the past five weeks – one day a week – working […]

Product stewardship – what does success look like?

Product stewardship is set to step into the limelight now Government has declared no less than six product categories as priorities for product stewardship.

Why I’m celebrating the government’s latest announcement on waste

On 29 July, 2020 the Ministry for the Environment made its most far reaching announcement to date, setting the stage for a vast swath of products (including plastic packaging) to be included under regulated product stewardship schemes.

3R Group CE speaks at priority product announcement

3R Group Chief Executive Adele Rose was invited as one of the speakers at Government’s announcement of six products as priority products on 29 July. Below is her speech: Good afternoon all, thank you Minister Sage for the invitation to speak today, and our hosts for accommodating us. For taking the steps that have been […]

Game-changing Government announcement in the war on waste

MEDIA RELEASE: New Zealand has one of the worst records on waste in the OECD but that’s all about to change, says industry expert Adele Rose. Today (29 July), the Associate Minister for the Environment, Eugenie Sage, declared six product categories ‘priority products’, changing how we will manage our most problematic waste streams, says Adele, […]

Resene PaintWise™ welcomes Minister’s priority product announcement

The country’s only voluntary accredited product stewardship scheme for paint and packaging, Resene PaintWise™, has welcomed the Government’s move to make industry responsible for their packaging. Associate Minister for the Environment Eugenie Sage today (29 July) announced plastic packaging as a priority product under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. She also announced tyres, refrigerants, e-waste, […]

Project to tackle synthetic greenhouse gases wraps up

A project aimed at tackling one of the most potent causes of climate change has wrapped up, with its working group and managers now eagerly awaiting Government regulation. The Synthetic Refrigerant Stewardship Project began in July 2019 with a working group created to represent the interests of the key industries which would be affected by […]

Waste levy increase a big step, but just the first

Just like water flows to the lowest point so waste flows to the lowest cost. The announcement by Government that it will increase and expand the waste levy is therefore an important step in tackling waste in New Zealand.

Pull the plug on inefficiency, not sustainability

When budgets are tight, there’s a tendency to view sustainability initiatives like marketing and IT costs – they’re often the first to go, but at what cost?

A look at the future of work

The importance of relationships between employees and employers and the way we work and interact has never been more relevant.

The time for sustainability is now

By Adele Rose, 3R Group Chief Executive Working in sustainability can be frustrating sometimes. The problems can look too big, too embedded, changes take too long. But then again, we’re an optimistic lot – tough and resilient, with an eye on what could be, where the opportunities lie and how, with a good nudge, we could […]

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