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Responsibility for hazardous substances doesn’t end when they go out the door standard

By Jason Richards, 3R Group National Programme Manager – Chemicals Gone are the days when containers full of chemicals could be stacked away in a store room and largely forgotten about. New legislation now requires businesses and organisations to keep an up to date inventory of all their hazardous substances, including waste materials. This is to ensure the risk they pose to employees and anyone else who may come into contact with them, as well as their environmental risk, can be managed. From killing germs to enabling industrial processes, advancing scientific study and even tackling invasive species, the chemical compounds we use every day have helped build the modern world. But many of them are also hazardous substances and they ...

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NZ’s big green, carbon eating machine (not trees) standard

Farming is often viewed as the cause of many environmental issues in New Zealand, but it also holds the key to making serious inroads in the fight against climate change, here and abroad. Stepping onto Mangarara Station in Central Hawke’s Bay it’s clear there is something different going on. Paddocks are dotted with trees, there is evidence of native shrub and tree planting all around, cattle numbers and the time they spend in paddocks is carefully managed and farm owner Greg Hart whips around on an electric side-by-side. Staff from 3R Group were recently at the farm to help lay wool around trees we had planted two years prior, and it’s clear it’s a farm with sustainability at its core. ...

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Risk and Reward: Why do a sustainable development report? standard

By Adele Rose, 3R Group Chief Executive Each time we publish our Sustainable Development Report (SDR), someone asks why do you do one? We could simply say it’s a commitment we have made as part of our Sustainable Business Council (SBC) membership, but the truth is it’s a commitment we’ve come to value in its own right. As a privately-owned business we don’t produce an annual report for our shareholders. Instead, the SDR provides an effective avenue to take stock of our progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It helps us identify the economic, environmental and social issues and impacts associated with our work. Plus, it’s a great way to put a circle around the areas where we ...

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The other half of NZ’s waste problem standard

By Dominic Salmon, 3R Group Business Development – Sustainable Solutions The housing crisis and construction boom are common headlines these days, but what seldom makes the news is the waste created by the sector. For the average person when we think about waste going to landfill we see the stuff in our rubbish bins at home or at work, but a major portion of what goes to landfill in New Zealand is actually from the construction and demolition sector. This isn’t to say we can ease up on efforts to reduce household waste. Construction and demolition (C&D) waste, which goes to class 2 landfills, is inert while household waste, which goes to municipal landfills (class 1), can create greenhouse gasses ...

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