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Single-use plastic; are we missing the point? standard

by Darren Patterson Single-use plastics. I want to start with that phrase, but I’ll leave it for now and I’ll come back to it later. I was shopping at one of my local supermarkets, one of those which has committed to eliminating single-use plastic bags, and I noticed that, whilst they still had their plastic bags for those that had not brought their own, there were also crisp, new, heavy-duty paper bags. Bags, I assume, that customers could use if they could not face the shame of using a plastic bag and wanted to feel they were doing their bit for the environment. And that brings me back to the start. Single-use plastics. All too often when we use that ...

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Packaging Forum welcomes proposed ban on single use plastic bags standard

MEDIA RELEASE: The Packaging Forum welcomes the Government’s proposal to ban all single use plastic, biodegradable and compostable bags to set a level playing field for the retail industry and to take an estimated 800 million bags out of circulation. Lyn Mayes, Manager Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme said: “Based on a recent audit around 10% of the number of bags which we collect are single use shopping carrier bags. These bags are not just from supermarkets but a wide range of retail chains as well as dairies. We have also noticed an increase in degradable and compostable bags which are a contaminant in our recycling stream. “The soft plastic recycling scheme has a target of a 35% recovery rate by ...

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Accepting the Plastic Free July challenge standard

Can you live without plastic? Can you go even just one month without using it? As it turns out it’s a far more difficult challenge than you might think, even in an office environment where there are minimal household things like groceries around. Nevertheless, waste reduction and sustainability is what 3R is all about, so we took on the Plastic Free July challenge. What really struck us throughout the challenge was just how difficult it is to avoid plastic, especially if, for example, you want a quick snack or lunch from the supermarket looking – a plastic free lunch proved to be almost Mission Impossible. Takeaways also proved to be a minefield – in one instance a staff member ensured ...

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