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Waste assessment helps understand the problem standard

Our waste minimisation expert Dominic Salmon recently completed a waste assessment for the Gisborne District Council, which garnered great feedback. It also caught the attention of the Gisborne Herald. Read their article. Whether you are a council or a business, the saying “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” holds true. Getting an accurate picture of what goes to landfill compared to what is recycled is critical to understanding your current situation and planning your next steps.  3R can help you map your waste and make a plan to reduce it, so get in touch!

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Building a circular economy standard

Featured speaker at SBN / 3R Business Connector event in September. In order to move forward we need to start going around in circles. Such is the thinking behind a circular economy; one that doesn’t follow the linear process of taking resources, making products and then throwing them away, but rather creating a circular process where products are created and then stay in the system to be reused, recycled or repurposed. Nothing is wasted. The venue of our third Sustainable Business Network (SBN) Regional Business Connector event, FG Smiths, is the perfect example of this theory in practice. The building in which the popular eatery is housed was remodelled with circular economy building practices firmly at the forefront of the design. ...

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Annual beach clean-up standard

What would you expect to find on a beach? Sand, rocks, some seaweed and the smell of fresh, salty air? Sadly this isn’t always the case with beaches around New Zealand harbouring all manner of rubbish. 3R did our bit to help improve the situation by holding our annual beach clean-up on October 5. This year the stretch of coast from the mouth of the Tukituki river, near Haumoana, south to the end of the township was chosen. Four groups – made up of staff as well as some of our local suppliers and stakeholders – took to the beach armed with clipboards, plastic bags, gloves and a willingness to get their hands dirty. A little over an hour later ...

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