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Stewardship specialists reject call for container deposit scheme standard

Press Release 03/08/16 Responding to renewed calls for refunds for empty bottles, product stewardship specialist 3R Group Ltd say the focus should be on products that have no current recycling options, not products that already achieve relatively high recycling rates. “New Zealand should be focused on other products which unnecessarily end up in landfill despite international examples of recycling success, such as tyres,” says 3R Group’s Chief Executive Adele Rose. 3R Group, who specialise in diverting waste from landfill and turning that waste into a resource, were the project leader on the recent Tyrewise initiative.  Tyrewise had widespread industry support to create a programme that would divert a significant portion of the 4 million passenger and 1 million truck and ...

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One of our more unusual projects – FlashMate® standard

There is no limit to the type of product for which 3R is asked to find a recycling solution. To be fair, the Flashmate® Electronic Heat Detector from Gallagher was one of our more unusual recycling projects! Flashmate is a disposable electronic heat alert product that wh​en applied to a cow’s flank, monitors riding activity and works out when a cow is in standing heat. The problem that Gallagher wanted to solve was how to provide a simple recycling solution that would avoid FlashMate being left behind on the field. With extensive experience recycling agricultural plastics, Gallagher approached 3R. Our solution was simple: provide the farmer with a return envelope in each box of FlashMate. When the devices are removed, they can ...

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