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3R e-news Mar 16 – Imagine if there was a better way standard

When someone asks what you do for a job, how long is your answer? Can you describe it in a single word, a sentence or does it require more explanation? Some are easier than others; for example my wife is a vet. One short word that most people instantly understand. I, on the other hand, am a Reimagineer. This is also just one word but, as intended, it often stimulates more questions than it answers. To find out where I’m going with this, read our March e-news … Thanks, Duncan Headlines: New 3R Video – “Imagine if there was a better way” is a 2 minute synopsis of what we do here at 3R… Waste = Opportunity – are you our ...

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Idealog feature: 3R Group standard

3R’s Chief Executive, Adele Rose, speaks to Idealog about what’s involved setting up schemes such as Rebound Mattress Recycling, how to sell social responsibility to corporates, and the importance of partnerships when it comes to making big plans reality. “One area we’ve started to push into is resource audits for business, particularly those businesses that don’t have sustainability people in place. We help go through some behaviour-change work but also help businesses identify the savings that they can make just with simple things, like diversion from landfill.” Read the full article 

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