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3R e-news Sept 15 – Caution. Innovation Ahead. image

Innovation Ahead Wow, what a year we’re having! Over the last 12 months so many more companies and organisations have been looking at how they can improve their sustainability performance. With that comes new attitudes to reducing waste to landfill and exciting opportunities for consumers, New Zealand, and of course for 3R! We’ve also celebrated some milestones recently with the programmes and projects we manage: Agrecovery – nine successive years of growth Resene PaintWise – 23% increase in volume this past financial year Dulux Paint and Paint Packaging Take Back Programme – 22% increase in volume this past financial year SeatSmart – awarded funding from Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust for a Christchurch trial Mattresses – the project is progressing quickly ...

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Fresh bounce for old mattresses image

Posted by Duncan Scotland When someone says they’re putting out the recycling, you normally picture drink bottles and old newspapers. All these items fit easily into a recycling bin and are dispatched without a second thought. ‘Job done’ you might think, I’ve done my bit to save the world. However these everyday items only represent the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we could (and should) be recycling rather than sending to landfill. At 3R we tend to focus on the bulk of the iceberg, the largest part, mostly unseen – these are the complex or hazardous items that don’t have existing solutions and represent the greatest threat or a wasted resource. And right now our attention is on ...

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Walk the talk standard

This month 3R featured in the lastest Enviro-Mark Solutions News. At 3R Group we focus on ‘waste to resource’; essentially combining imagination and science to repurpose waste. We work with individual businesses, industry groups and government to find solutions that will help divert precious resources from ending up in landfill. Since much of our work is about asking others to act to protect our environment, at 3R we think it’s important to also ‘walk the talk’. And that’s where our CEMARS certification comes in to play. Management guru Peter Drucker famously said “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. This was the thinking that led to our decision to start measuring our carbon footprint in 2008. After 6 ...

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Redefine – love your op shop standard

Posted by Jason Richards 3R were proud sponsors of the Redefine – love your op shop event held at East Pier this last weekend. I was one of seven judges that judged all the categories. The overall level of entries were very impressive. The time and effort that some people applied was outstanding. The winner of the “Surprise Us”, section which 3R sponsored was a necklace made from old jig-saw pieces, Next year they are planning to hold the event again, but on a National level, so put your thinking cap on! Photos below courtesy Presbyterian Support East Coast.

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