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Going green makes dollars and sense – Idealog feature image

Our CEO, Adele Rose, talks to Idealog magazine about how many companies want to keep it green, but are in the dark about the actual cost efficiencies that can be achieved. “Imagine the cost of dumping things to the landfill,” she says. “If you’re a manufacturer and you’ve got skip bins and rubbish trucks lined up, that’s costing you money.” Nine times out of 10 however, businesses can reduce the waste going to landfill by about 50%, just by being smart about what goes into the skip, Rose says. Read the full story

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Collaboration required on tyre solution standard

New Zealand’s track record with end-of-life tyres is littered with good intentions, dubious science and failed investments. While some businesses are safely recycling tyres, these are the exception rather than the rule. A more common outcome has been abandoned stockpiles of tyres that councils and ratepayers are forced to pay millions to tidy up. It’s a big issue: approximately 5 million tyres reach the end of their useful life each year in New Zealand but less than 30% are being recycled. This is in stark contrast to other countries such as Canada, where they have been recycling tyres for 25 years and achieving diversion rates of over 90%. So why are we failing to achieve these results here? Our observations ...

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Problems turn into solutions at 3R: SeatSmart standard

3R’s project manager Michelle Duncan answers a few questions about our latest programme, SeatSmart. How did it all start? The project started when I had an expired car seat and was told the only disposal option was dumping it in landfill.  For me, landfill should be the last resort, not the only option.  So, I took the issue to my colleagues at 3R and we decided that we could change the outcome. Thanks to the project, the outcome will now be that 92% of the car seat materials brought in can be recycled. When did it launch? The SeatSmart programme launched on 1 April with a pilot in Auckland, Hamilton, Hastings and Nelson. It follows the 18-month initial project which looked ...

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