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3R e-news Mar 15: New faces in the 3R tent image

New faces and new opportunities I think you’ll agree that the first quarter of 2015 has flown by in typical fashion. Luckily we’re looking ahead – we’ve been working on our plan to equip 3R for growth through to 2020. (Did you know that’s now only one election away?) As part of delivering on that growth strategy, we’ve formed two new strategic alliances. You can see who’s joined the 3R team below, plus we’ve got news for you on our recent CEMARS certification, our exciting new mattress recycling initiative, and the upcoming WasteMINZ RoundUp. Read the March e-news 

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3R Group – 2020 Vision standard

At 3R we help our customers prepare for a future without waste. Every time our activity enables an item to be reused, recycled or repurposed marks a small step towards that end goal. So you could say that we’re in the business of future-proofing. We believe the business models using resources most efficiently to meet their customer’s expectations are the ones which will remain competitive in tomorrow’s markets. We apply the same long-term thinking to our own business. We’ve outlined where we want to be in 2040, and the path we need to create to make it happen. The first phase of our long term plan is to resource our business to enable continuous growth until 2020. When we first ...

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Measure it, manage it! image

Management guru Peter Drucker famously said “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. This thinking was behind 3R’s decision to start measuring our carbon footprint in 2008. After 6 years of ‘going it alone’, we took the step of seeking external validation through Enviro-Mark Solution’s CEMARS certification programme. With sustainability at the very heart of our vision and business activities, it was only logical to take this the next step, showing that we’re serious about scrutinising our own impact on the environment. In late February, following a 5 month process, 3R was delighted to become CEMARS certified, a standard that sits very comfortably alongside our ISO 14001 Environmental certification. The resulting figures show that 3R activities produce 404 ...

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