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This week our team got together to recharge the batteries and set the scene for our next year or two of work. We had great speakers lined up for our staff including Hamish White from NOW. (on motivation and buzz), Adele Frewin from Weleda (on social responsibility), and Atlantic rower and South Pole explorer Kevin Biggar who was inspirational, thought provoking and entertaining all at once. We also had some practical team challenges, including our own version of The Block, where staff were challenged to upcycle a range of waste materials into a portable, one-person waterproof shelter. We’re really interested in how waste materials can be used for temporary or emergency shelters, and will be taking a closer look at this ...

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3R e-news Oct 14: New look, fresh perspective image

Over the past year the team at 3R has spent some time rethinking what we do and how we do it. We sought feedback from many of you, our customers and stakeholders, to find out what matters to you, and how we can best assist you and the wider community to achieve some really positive outcomes. That process resulted in some exciting answers to our questions, while at the same time guiding us towards a new brand identity, free of jargon and full of possibility. 3R Group: combining imagination and science to repurpose waste. Simple. We believe maximising the potential of resources and providing customer solutions for used products and packaging is a requirement for ALL business to stay competitive. ...

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