The Basics...

3R Group is a privately owned company started in 2004.

The main office is located in sunny Hawke’s Bay but we also have processing hubs in Auckland and Christchurch. We usually have around 20 staff.

In the Driving Seat

Adele Rose

Adele is 3R’s lead Reimagineer.  As well as setting our mission and coordinates, she motivates and inspires the crew with her amazing knowledge and work ethic. She somehow knows exactly what’s going on all the time, a skill her family is well aware of. Alongside her dedication to 3R, our CE is passionate about promoting regional business and developing opportunities for young people.
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Jason ls

Jason Richards

Jason exudes calm from every pore, somewhat surprising given that we all think he has the hardest job at 3R. His measured thinking deals quietly and efficiently with the complicated world of chemical disposal and finding the funding to do it. He’s also the perfect counterpoint to some of our more creative staff. It’s no wonder that after a hard week at the office, Jason loves nothing more than to stand peacefully by the side of a slow moving river, fishing rod in hand, with no sign of his three boisterous sons.
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Sarah Clare

Sarah, our newest Reimagineer, escaped from the wild weather of our capital to work for 3R in the sunny Hawke’s Bay. With a great sense of humour, a keen eye for detail, and 15 years navigating the complexities of government organisations, Sarah is well suited to manage our latest stewardship projects.
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Toni ls

Toni Bye

Toni wears all sorts of hats at 3R, managing media, communications, design and marketing implementation for us and the programmes we manage. Toni brings full-time commitment to her part-time hours. She’s been known to terrorise local supermarkets who dare to use excessive packaging on their salmon and is currently applying her social behaviour change training to her unsuspecting husband. He’ll be separating their recycling at source in no time.
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Darren ls

Darren Patterson

Darren’s pragmatic, results-driven nature helps us deliver real environmental and economic benefits to our customers. His role at 3R is to build awareness and facilitate high level relationships, delivering waste-to-resource programmes and putting his BSc Hons in Applied Chemistry to good use.
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Neville ls

Neville Smith

As finance manager, Neville handles the complex relationship between 3R’s strategic, financial and environmental goals (our own triple bottom line). He also keeps the cash flow wheels in motion, giving everyone else the headspace to focus on the task at hand. Outside of work he’s rather efficient at keeping himself in motion too; how else can you explain a 2:29 marathon?!
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Trevor Tutt

As our unflappable Operations Manager, Trevor has the ability to look across our programmes and keep all the wheels moving on time, and under budget. He has a BSc in Ecology and has worked in natural history conservation at Te Papa, and at Callaghan Innovation where he handled all the logistical jobs for some very clever people. Similarly at 3R, he’s our link between Design and Do, ensuring that our solutions deliver real-world benefits and efficiency. Outside work he enjoys restoring old furniture and the odd round of golf.
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